Soul Cane in Blox Fruits

Soul Cane

Soul Cane

In the diverse universe of Blox Fruits, the Soul Cane sword stands out as one of the most enigmatic and challenging weapons to obtain. This rare sword, which appears to be capable of summoning souls and was once owned by a king, has become a prized tool for players seeking an edge in the game.

Name Type Rarity Price Location
Soul Cane Katana Rare $750,000 Sword Dealer

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Soul Cane Sword

Abilities Key Mastery Showcase Description
Soul Beam 40 The user shoots a thin white beam in the direction of their cursor, which explodes after traveling a short distance. The explosion damages and stuns enemies hit for 1.5 seconds.
Soul Slashes 120 The user performs rapid slashes with their sword, releasing multiple air slashes that travel a short distance in the direction of their cursor. These slashes damage and stun enemies for two seconds.

How to Obtain the Soul Cane Sword in Blox Fruits

The Soul Cane is a sword that combines mysterious beauty with hidden power. Its curved blue hilt gives this sword a unique aesthetic. When equipped, the sword is placed on the user’s back, further enhancing its aura of mystery and power.
To acquire the Soul Cane sword, it is a task that requires cunning and patience. This sword can be purchased for $750,000 from the Living Skeleton, who is located inside the volcano in the Magma Village in the First Sea. But there’s a trick: it is hidden behind an invisible wall, so it is recommended to have fast mode enabled to facilitate its location.

Upgrading the Soul Cane Sword in Blox Fruits

The Soul Cane sword, like all weapons in Blox Fruits, can be upgraded. Players can visit the Blacksmith to perform the upgrade, thereby increasing the sword’s performance in the game and ensuring it can handle the growing challenges encountered in the later stages.

Grade Materials Effects
1 Radiant Material 5 Leather 20 +20% Damage

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies of the Soul Cane Sword in Blox Fruits

Great potential for combos Users with the “Chop” ability are immune
Good for farming due to area of effect and no knockback Low damage compared to other swords
Extremely fast moves Small impact area
Suitable for any playstyle due to stun effects Short range
Low mastery requirements [Z] Soul Beam: Difficult to land
[Z] Soul Beam can interrupt Instinct (headshot) [X] Soul Slashes: Does not interrupt Instinct
[Z] Soul Beam stuns for a long time [X] Soul Slashes: Long attack
[Z] Soul Beam: Very fast movement
[X] Soul Slashes: Good combo extender

Guide to the Soul Cane Sword: Learning on Your Own

Since its introduction in the second update of Blox Fruits, the Soul Cane sword has added a touch of mystery and magic to the game. The power to summon souls and its ancient ownership by a king, along with its distinctive design and challenging acquisition process, have made the Soul Cane sword a favorite choice for players looking for more than just a regular weapon. With its appealing design, intriguing lore, and upgradable abilities, the Soul Cane sword is truly one of the hidden gems of Blox Fruits.