Swords Tier List in Blox Fruits

Welcome to our in-depth guide where we slice into the meta of Blox Fruits with our ultimate Sword Tier List. Whether you’re a seasoned pirate or a fresh adventurer on the high seas, knowing which swords to wield can make all the difference in your journey. Here’s your treasure map to the best blades in the game!

Sword Tier List Update 23

Enjoy the Best Sword Tier List from the Last Update: 23

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Sword Tier List Info & Guide

S Tier Swords

  • Dark Blade: An enigma wrapped in shadow, the Dark Blade’s powerful dark slashes are the nightmares of many a foe, capable of sweeping victories in PvP and formidable beast conquests.
  • True Triple Katana: The epitome of multi-blade artistry, offering a beautiful balance that sharpens the edge of both novice and expert players alike.
  • Yama: Commanding shockwaves slice through the air, Yama is a testament to the force a player can unleash.
  • Midnight Blade: When the darkness falls, this blade rises, granting its wielder the tactical upper hand under the veil of night.

A Tier Swords

  • Gravity Cane: Defy the laws of nature, tipping the scales with gravity-based abilities that strategic players can exploit.
  • Buddy Sword: A comrade in arms for the burgeoning buccaneer, it’s a symbol of the start of an epic saga.
  • Rengoku: This fiery sword’s blazing strikes do more than sear—it scorches its mark into the annals of Blox Fruits history.
  • Tushita: A symbol of in-game mastery, Tushita is not just a weapon, it’s a legend. With unmatched damage and an imposing presence, wielding it means you’re feared on any battlefield.
  • Warden’s Sword: A dependable ally in PvE, its balanced stats ensure it stands as a guardian for many players.
  • Dragon Trident: A symbol of power and range, enabling combatants to strike with fire from afar.
  • Shisui: For those who dance through battles with agility, Shisui’s rapid strikes are the choreography of wando
  • Saddi: The sharpness buff it confers can turn the tides, giving players the edge they need in cutting down resilient enemies.
  • Koko: Robust and reliable, it’s the backbone for those who wish to build their reputation without the frills.
  • Bisento: Its sweeping strikes are like a storm, sweeping away foes with ease, a popular pick in crowd scenarios.
  • Triple Dark Blade: A terrifying triad of blades, ideal for broad strokes that cut through swaths of adversaries.

B Tier Swords

  • Soul Cane: A mystic weapon that harnesses souls, providing unique abilities that many seek to possess. It’s not just a sword; it’s a piece of the game’s soul.
  • Trident: Long and lethal, its piercing prowess is a spectacle in battles against both man and beast.
  • Pole (2nd Form): An evolved weapon that offers superior abilities for those who’ve progressed their combat finesse.

C Tier Swords

  • Triple Katana: Aesthetically unique, it serves as a versatile weapon for those who master its rhythm.
  • Twin Hooks: Challenging yet rewarding, these hooks can create an art form in PvP duels.
  • Iron Mace: Favoring force over finesse, it’s the starting point for those who prefer to crush rather than slice.
  • Jitte: Perfect for the player who waits to parry and punish, turning defense into a calculated offense.

D Tier Swords

  • Cutlass: An ode to the traditional pirate, it’s the quintessential beginner’s blade that has started many legends.
  • Katana: The foundation of swordsmanship in Blox Fruits, it’s where every player’s journey with blades begins.
  • Dual Katana: An introduction to dual-wielding, offering newcomers a taste of what’s to come.
  • Dual Headed Blade: For those who embrace combat’s ebb and flow, this sword offers a versatile and dynamic style.
  • Pipe: Often sneered at but not to be dismissed, the Pipe holds a quirky yet effective place in any fighter’s arsenal.

Best Sword for First Sea: Tier List

The Best Swords Available for the First Sea in Blox Fruits are:

  • Saber
  • Soul Cane
  • Dark Blade

Best Sword for Second Sea: Tier List

The Best Swords Available for the Second Sea in Blox Fruits are:

  • Shishui
  • Rengoku
  • Pole V2
  • Koko

Best Sword for Third Sea: Tier List

The Best Swords Available for the Third Sea in Blox Fruits are:

  • Tushita
  • Cursed Dual Katana
  • Buddy Sword