Triple Dark Blade in Blox Fruits

Triple Dark Blade

Triple Dark Blade

The Triple Dark Blade is undoubtedly one of the most coveted and mysterious items in the popular game Blox Fruits. This article delves into the deep waters of the game to bring to light everything you need to know about the Triple Dark Blade, a sword that stands at the pinnacle of exclusivity and power in Blox Fruits.

Name Type Rarity Price Location
Triple Dark Blade Sword Mythical Admin

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Triple Dark Blade

Movement Mastery Key Showcase Description
Z-Key Thousand Cuts 1 Similar to the standard movement but larger and with greater reach. If held down, the player moves along with the effect. Inflicts approximately 5,000 damage and around 5,100 when held down.
X-Key Dark Air Slash 50 The user performs an upward slashing motion with their sword, creating three distinct Dark Air Slashes that deal 5,012 damage with a mastery of 600.

How to Obtain the Triple Dark Blade in Blox Fruits?

An exception to the exclusivity rule was the case of Kitt Gaming, who along with his son Kyrie each obtained a Triple Dark Blade in a challenge organized by rip_indra on June 29, 2022. The reason for being granted a sword remains unknown but has fueled hope that in the future, other players may also be able to obtain it. It is important to note that obtaining the sword through exploits is not possible, and any attempts will be in vain as it is client-side only.

Changes and Updates of the Cutlass Sword

The Triple Dark Blade is an enhanced version of the Dark Blade. Instead of a single sword, the user wields three Dark Blades, a visually impressive spectacle. Despite its similarity to the original Dark Blade, it features slight modifications to its abilities. This weapon cannot be upgraded but is highly effective as it is, inflicting 4197.3 damage with an M1 at 600 mastery and maximum Aura.

Guide to the Triple Dark Blade: Learning by Yourself

The Triple Dark Blade has a strong rival in the Cursed Dual Katana. Although the Cursed Dual Katana has more combo potential, breaks Instinct, and deals more damage, the Triple Dark Blade remains a coveted item for its rarity and power.
The Triple Dark Blade was silently added to the game on January 17, 2021. Its existence was not revealed until Update 14 when it was adjusted to deal less damage. Although it is one of the hardest items to obtain, there are still some accounts that possess this sword, especially some helpers and the winners of the YouTubers’ tournaments in December 2021.

In conclusion, the Triple Dark Blade in Blox Fruits is a sword of great mystery and exclusivity. Its power and its status as an admin/mod exclusive make it a unique treasure in the world of Blox Fruits. While the Cursed Dual Katana may be a strong competitor, the Triple Dark Blade has a unique charm that makes it one of the most fascinating swords in the game.