Tushita in Blox Fruits


Venture into the fascinating world of Blox Fruits with the Tushita sword, a legendary sword that holds the power of the heavens and its stars. This high-rank katana is considered one of the top three swords in the game, and it is also the twin weapon of the Yama sword, forming the imposing Cursed Dual Katana. However, obtaining it is not an easy task; it is reserved for the most dedicated players who have reached level 2000 or higher.

Name Type Rarity Source Drop Chance
Tushita Sword Legendary Longma 100%

How Good is Tushita in Blox Fruits Skills, Stats & Combo

Movement Mastery Key Showcase Description
Death Cyclone 150  
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The user performs a series of repeated thrusts in front of them, creating red circles that stun the enemy upon impact. The ability culminates with a strong and wide thrust that has greater range, deals more damage, and pushes away enemies (holding down the button prolongs the duration). The maximum thrust time is 1.5 seconds, and the user can move in any direction during that duration.
Soul Execution 300
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The user moves quickly and creates multiple red slashes with incredible speed, inflicting high damage.

Tushita Sword Showcase & Skills

What is Yama and Tushita Blox fruits?

In the enthralling world of Blox Fruits, two swords stand out for their legendary status and formidable powers: Yama and Tushita. These swords are not just weapons but symbols of celestial might and awe-inspiring strength.

  • The Tushita, in particular, is a high-tier katana, known for its association with the heavens and celestial bodies. It is counted among the top three swords in the game, making it a coveted item for players.
  • Yama, on the other hand, forms a compelling narrative as the twin weapon to Tushita. Together, they create the Cursed Dual Katana, an awe-inspiring combination that is highly sought after by players aiming for the apex of combat efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

How to Get the Tushita Sword in Blox Fruits? Requirements & Puzzle

To obtain the Tushita, the player must embark on a challenging mission that begins by summoning the Raid Boss rip_indra with the Chalice of the Gods. The journey takes you to Hydra Island and the Secret Temple, where you must overcome obstacles and enemies, such as the ghosts guarding the entrance. A true challenge, this quest will test your skills in the game.

Upgrading Your Tushita Sword

Once you obtain the Tushita, the next step is to upgrade it. To do so, you must find the Blacksmith. With their help, this legendary sword can reach its full potential, allowing you to execute fast and powerful attacks, ideal for PvP and Raids.

Grade Materials Effects
1 MiniTusk 20 Leather 6 +8% Damage

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies of the Tushita Sword in Blox Fruits

Offers a variety of effective moves Holding down [Z] Heavenly Lunges for too long can leave the player vulnerable to counterattacks from opponents
Has great potential for chaining combos Obtaining this character or weapon can be challenging
Attacks are relatively easy to connect, even without stunning the opponent Users of the Slice ability are immune to sword attacks, including this one
Excels in grinding capability
Inflicts significant damage

Changes and Updates of the Tushita Sword

After overcoming the ghosts and entering the temple, you must light up five torches in a specific numerical sequence, all within five minutes. These torches are scattered throughout the island, hidden in places such as a sunken ship, a treehouse, and various locations near Pirate Domains. Once you have solved this puzzle, you will be ready to face Longma, the final boss who, when defeated, guarantees the acquisition of the Tushita.

Can you Get Tushita Without Being Level 2000?

Many players wonder if it’s possible to bypass the stringent level requirement of 2000 to obtain the Tushita sword. The straightforward answer is no. Tushita, a sword enveloped in an aura of exclusivity and challenge, is reserved for those who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill by reaching level 2000 or higher. This high threshold is a testament to the sword’s prestigious status in the game. The journey to obtaining Tushita is not just about leveling up; it is a rite of passage, an adventure that tests a player’s abilities and determination. Only those who have truly honed their skills and invested significant time in the game can hope to wield this legendary katana.

Guide to the Tushita Sword: Learning by Yourself

Unlocking and equipping the Tushita not only enhances your combat abilities but also grants you the title of Celestial Swordsman, a badge of honor and a testament to your skill in the game. As one of the cursed swords in the game, the Tushita, along with the Yama, can form the Cursed Dual Katana, one of the most powerful weapons in Blox Fruits. With its attacking power and unique design, the Tushita has earned a place in the hearts of players, who have given various internet meme-related nicknames to its drop boss, Longma.
In conclusion, the Tushita sword in Blox Fruits is more than just a weapon. It is a symbol of achievement, a test of skill and perseverance, and a powerful tool to face any challenge the game presents. Dare to seek it out and become the Celestial Swordsman you’ve always dreamed of being.