Yama in Blox Fruits



The Yama Sword is an iconic figure in the universe of Blox Fruits. As a legendary katana, it has left a deep mark on players, leading them to venture into the game’s most challenging seas and missions. In this guide, we will focus on everything you need to know about “the Yama sword in Blox Fruits,” an essential tool for any player daring enough to carry the name of Saddi.

Name Type Rarity
Cutlass Sword Legendary

How Good is the Yama Sword Skills & Combo

Movement Mastery Key Showcase Description
Infernal Slash 150  
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The user performs a spinning slash, rotating rapidly while moving towards the target’s cursor. This attack has a significant knockback effect and deals decent damage. If both the spinning slash and the subsequent aerial slash connect successfully, the combined strike inflicts slightly more damage.
Infernal Hurricane 300  
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The user assumes a stance, preparing for an attack. Upon releasing the designated button, they quickly lunge forward, executing a series of rapid slashes at the opponent. This burst of strikes can deliver multiple hits in quick succession, overwhelming the enemy with a flurry of attacks.

Yama Showcase & Stats

How to Get the Yama Sword in Blox Fruits?

Obtaining the Yama sword is no easy task. It requires the player to complete a combined total of at least 30 Elite Hunter and Player Hunter missions. After fulfilling this requirement, players must venture to Hydra Island, located in the Third Sea, where the Secret Temple is hidden. Inside, the Yama sword awaits its next worthy owner. The final trial is to extract the sword, a task that requires persistent clicking, although an autoclicker can be helpful if your mouse is unreliable.

Yama Blox Fruits Requirements

Yama is a type of weapon or ability in the game Blox Fruits. The requirements to obtain it may include reaching a certain level in the game, completing specific missions, or acquiring it through trade or purchase with the game’s currency. Without a recent update on the game, I can’t provide exact details, but generally, the requirements tend to be related to game progression.

How to Combine it With Tushita?

Tushita, another weapon or ability in Blox Fruits, might have a mechanism for combining with Yama. This could involve reaching certain levels with both abilities or completing specific tasks. Combinations in games like Blox Fruits are usually part of an update or a special feature of the game that allows players to merge or use abilities in conjunction to gain greater benefits or powers.

Upgrading the Yama Sword in Blox Fruits

Once the Yama sword has been obtained, the path to improvement begins. The Blacksmith is the character who will assist you on this journey. But don’t let the task intimidate you because, although it may be difficult to obtain, the Yama sword rewards its wielders with decent damage and significant knockback. Additionally, its move color scheme is the same as that of the Tushita, giving it an appealing visual aspect.

Grade Materials Effects
1 MiniTusk 20 Leather 6 +10% Damage

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies of the Yama Sword in Blox Fruits

– Both movements offer great mobility. – The damage is lower compared to other swords in the Third Sea and Second Sea.
– It is considered one of the best swords for traveling. – [Z] Hellish Slash has a poor hit area, making it difficult to hit when transformed with Buddha.
– [X] Infernal Hurricane provides decent stun. – All movements can be countered by Instinct (they can be escaped using Instinct).
– The movements have short cooldown times. – Requires a high level of mastery. Achieving 350 mastery without Buddha or other farming fruits can take 2 to 3 weeks.
– It has good combo potential.
– It is easier to obtain compared to Tushita.

What Level do you Have to be to Get Yama in Blox Fruits

The specific level required to obtain Yama varies according to the game’s rules and updates. Generally, acquiring advanced abilities or special weapons like Yama requires the player to reach higher levels, which could mean a high level within the game.

Guide to the Yama Sword: Learning by Yourself

To say that the Yama Sword is just a weapon would be an understatement. This legendary katana is steeped in history, full of mystery and power. It is said to be possessed by a demon, a creature that grants the sword unmatched power. Added in Update 15, the Yama sword, along with the Tushita sword, is known as the cursed katanas. Their combined power unlocks the puzzle of the Cursed Dual Katana, giving players even greater combat potential.