Blox Fruits Third Sea: All Islands

In version 15, Blox Fruits received a significant content expansion: The Third Sea, the newest aquatic extension that users can reach by achieving level +1500 and collaborating with Red-Headed King in his fight against rip_indra in the Second Sea.

Map of the Third Sea in Blox Fruits

Below is a map so you can locate each of the islands in the Third Sea in Blox Fruits:
Third Sea Map

All Islands in the Third Sea of Blox Fruits

You can now select the desired island in the Third Sea to discover all of its secrets:

Guide to the Islands in the Third Sea of Blox Fruits

Below is a brief description of each of the islands in the Third Sea of Blox Fruits:

Island Description
Port Town A small yet luxurious place, filled with wealthy people who enjoy gambling and socializing. However, it hides Stone, a soulless and dangerous being in the forest behind the city, whose sole desire is to see your end.
Hydra Island This legendary island is inhabited solely by women, snake worshippers. Some even use their snakes to form bows, shooting lethal arrows. According to the beliefs of the Hydra Tribe, men are prohibited on the island. Additionally, it houses an ancient sword abandoned by its owner, a powerful samurai controlled by an evil entity.
Great Tree A mysterious island known for its monumental tree. It is guarded by Commodores and Admirals of the Navy, all under the leadership of the feared Kilo Admiral. Although the reason they protect the island is unknown, it is clear that they are hiding something.
Floating Turtle A peculiar island settled on the shell of a gigantic turtle, inhabited by a variety of Minks. It features everything from a huge treehouse to mansions recognized as safe havens for pirates and marines. However, it has been the target of attacks by the formidable Captain Elephant and a Master Cryptographer. Amidst the island’s mystery, an ancient swordsman awaits to be awakened.
Castle on the Sea A sanctuary and meeting place for pirates and marines. It houses the Elite Hunter, who dedicates himself to pursuing pirates who misuse their Blox Fruits. The Player Hunter, a wise butler named Lunoven, and all masters of martial arts from ancient seas also reside here. On this island, pirate raids occur frequently. If an ancient chalice is placed in a specific location on the island, terrible events could be unleashed…
Haunted Castle It is a gigantic ship often mistaken for a castle due to its immense size. It is inhabited by creepy zombies and furious skeletons who crave your soul. They are all commanded by the enigmatic Soul Reaper, who awakens with mysterious essence.
Sea of Treats A mini-sea composed of 5 isolated islands. All of these islands are food-themed, and you can find everything from peanuts to ice creams. Unfortunately, they are dominated by the insatiable Queen of Cakes.
Tiki Outpost The Tiki Outpost is the latest addition to the ever-expanding map of Blox Fruits, bringing with it new quests, characters, and lore to immerse yourself in.