Great Tree in the Third Sea of Blox Fruits

Great Tree rises in Blox Fruits as the third island in the Third Sea, a key point for players who have reached at least level 1700. This grand island, recognizable by its gigantic palm tree, offers challenging missions and encounters with unique characters, as well as the opportunity to face a formidable boss.

Great Tree

Where is Great Tree in Blox Fruits?

Great Tree is the third island in the Third Sea of Blox Fruits, known for its majestic and gigantic palm tree that dominates the landscape. Great Tree offers a variety of challenging missions, encounters with unique characters, and the formidable boss, the Kilo Admiral. The island’s distinct features, including its marine quests and the Mysterious Force at its highest point, make it a notable and essential location for players in Blox Fruits.

What level do you leave Great Tree in Blox Fruits?

Players typically leave Great Tree when they reach levels around 1750 to 1789. This level range aligns with the challenges and enemies on the island, including Marine Commodores, Marine Rear Admirals, and the Kilo Admiral. The island serves as a pivotal stage for player development in Blox Fruits, providing essential experiences and encounters necessary for advancing to higher levels and preparing for further challenges in the game.

NPCs of Great Tree

Below, we show you all the NPCs of Great Tree:

Set Spawn NPC
Luxury Boat Dealer
Boat Dealer
Marine Tree Quest Giver
Crew Captain
Mysterious Force

Missions and Enemies of Great Tree

Below, we show you all the Missions and Enemies of Great Tree:

Name Required Level Description Rewards Image
Marine Commodore 1700 Defeat 8 Marine Commodores $13,000 and 68,000,000 EXP Marine Commodore
Marine Rear Admiral 1725 Defeat 8 Marine Rear Admirals (Elemental immunity at level 1789) $15,000 and 70,500,000 EXP Marine Rear Admiral
Kilo Admiral 1750 Defeat Kilo Admiral $35,000 and 78,000,000 EXP Kilo Admiral Perfection

Kilo Admiral: The Guardian of Great Tree

In the heart of Great Tree resides the Kilo Admiral, a level 1750 boss. She uses the Kilo fruit and Sharkman Karate, although she doesn’t use the moves, she has the effects in her hands. She has the possibility of dropping the Lei, a coveted prize for those brave enough to face her.

At the Top of the Great Tree: The Journey to the Temple of Time

The highest point of Great Tree houses a Mysterious Force, an invisible entity that can transport you to the Temple of Time. This entity is essential for completing awakenings in the race, marking the transcendence of your character in the game.

Navigating through Great Tree: From Marines to Commodores

On Great Tree island, you will encounter various characters such as the Marine Tree Quest Giver NPC when entering through the docks. Following the path, you will encounter the Marine Commodore and the Marine Rear Admiral, characters that add depth and challenge to your adventure in Blox Fruits.

Unique Details of Great Tree: Music and Special Elements

The ambiance of Great Tree is embellished by the background music, “The Lion and the Lamb” by Baptiste Thiry & Alain Bernard Denis, which adds to the magical feeling of this island. You will also find the “Banana Fruit”, necessary for the Hungry Man Quest, and the Master of Auras who appears on a rock near the tree.
In summary, Great Tree in Blox Fruits is a gem in the gaming world. Its unique design, the challenges it offers, and the secrets it holds are integral parts of the gaming experience. Stepping foot on Great Tree, you not only face the magnificence of nature but also the excitement of adventure and the possibility of growth and progress in Blox Fruits.