Hydra Island in the Third Sea of Blox Fruits

Hydra Island is a crucial destination in the vast universe of Blox Fruits. As the second island in the Third Sea, this place of legends and secrets is a significant milestone for players who have reached level 1575 or higher.

Hydra Island

Where is Hydra Island in Blox Fruits?

Hydra Island, an island filled with legends and secrets, is the second island in the Third Sea of Blox Fruits. Known for its challenging enemies and unique encounters, Hydra Island is a crucial destination for advanced players. It offers a variety of NPCs, challenging missions, and enemies, making it a significant milestone for players who have reached level 1575 or higher.

What level do you leave Hydra Island in Blox Fruits?

Players typically leave Hydra Island when they reach levels around 1700 to 1789. This level range is suitable for the challenges present on the island, including defeating the Dragon Crew Warriors, Archers, Female and Giant Islanders, and the Island Empress. The recommendation to leave at level 1789, especially for elemental users, aligns with the activation of elemental immunity on the next island, Great Tree. Hydra Island serves as an important progression stage for players in Blox Fruits, preparing them for subsequent adventures.

NPCs of Hydra Island:

Below, we show you all the NPCs of Hydra Island:

Set Spawn NPCs (3)
Luxury Boat Dealers (2)
Boat Dealers (2)
Amazon Quest Giver
Area 2 Amazon Quest Giver
Arena Trainer

Missions and Enemies in Hydra Island:

Below, we show you all the Missions and Enemies of Hydra Island:

Name Required Level Description Rewards Image
Dragon Crew Warrior 1575 Defeat 8 Dragon Crew Warriors (Elemental available at level 1631) $13,000 and 58,000,000 EXP Crew_Dragon_Warrior
Dragon Crew Archer 1600 Defeat 8 Dragon Crew Archers (Elemental available at level 1658) $15,000 and 60,500,000 EXP Dragon_Crew_Archer
Female Islander 1625 Defeat 8 Female Islanders (Elemental available at level 1683) $13,000 and 62,500,000 EXP Female_Islander
Giant Islander 1650 Defeat 8 Giant Islanders $15,000 and 64,500,000 EXP Giant_Islander
Island Empress 1675 Defeat Island Empress $30,000 and 70,000,000 EXP Island_Empress

Progression on Hydra Island: The Bridge to Great Tree

Hydra Island is not just a place to explore but also a stepping stone to advance in Blox Fruits. After this island, players of level 1700 or higher can head to the Great Tree island. It is recommended for elemental users to leave the island at level 1789 when elemental immunity is activated in the next island, Great Tree.

The Master of Auras: A Key Encounter in Hydra Island

In Hydra Island, players have the opportunity to encounter the Master of Auras, a crucial character that appears on the rooftop of the Empress’s palace. This encounter is an essential piece of a player’s journey in Blox Fruits and adds an extra touch of mystery and excitement to the exploration of Hydra Island.

The Secret Temple of Hydra Island: A Hidden Treasure

Behind the waterfall of Hydra Island, players can discover a secret temple. This hidden place is where players can obtain the prized Yama. Additionally, the Tushita mission can begin in a secret room in this Secret Temple, but only if Rip Indra has appeared.

Gliding NPC Bug: A Quirk of Hydra Island

Despite its mysterious and majestic nature, Hydra Island also has its dose of quirks. A small glitch in the game makes NPCs sometimes appear to glide across the map, adding a touch of humor and charm to this fascinating island. In summary, Hydra Island in Blox Fruits is a rich and exciting experience that no player should miss. From encounters with legendary masters to the quest for secret temples, there is something for everyone on this vibrant island. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover everything Hydra Island has to offer on your journey through Blox Fruits.