Kitsune Island in Blox Fruits

In the world of Blox Fruits, the allure of Kitsune Island emerges under the luminescence of a full moon, offering a blend of mystery and exclusive rewards. This enigmatic island, accessible only at specific times, beckons players to navigate treacherous waters and partake in unique challenges. Join us as we chart the course to this mystical destination, revealing the secrets to summoning the island and unlocking its treasures.

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Where is the Kitsune Island: The Full Moon’s Call

Step 1: Prepare Your Journey

Before you set off to find Kitsune Island, ensure you are well-prepared:

  1. Equip a Fast Boat: Speed is essential to reach the island quickly.
  2. Choose the Right Time: The island can only be accessed during a full moon.

Guide Kitsune Island

Step 2: Navigate to the Danger Zone

Sail between the Sun and the Moon. You need to navigate straight between these two celestial bodies until you reach the Level 6 Danger Zone. Keep sailing straight and monitor the in-game time for the full moon phase.

Step 3: Wait for the Full Moon

Once you are in the Level 6 Danger Zone, wait for the game to announce the full moon. The message will read, “The full moon shifts through the Deep.” When this happens, a blue moon will appear, signaling the emergence of Kitsune Island.

Step 4: Locate the Mysterious Shrine

Upon the appearance of the blue moon, the game will notify you that “a mysterious Shrine has appeared in the sea.” This indicates that Kitsune Island is now accessible. Sail towards the shrine’s location by following the blue moon’s light.

Activities on Kitsune Island

Collecting Blue Orbs

Once on the island, your first task is to collect blue orbs scattered around. These orbs are necessary to unlock the Kitsune Mask and other rewards. Use a fast character form, such as Leopard, to quickly gather the orbs. You need to collect at least 15 blue orbs to obtain the Kitsune Mask.

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Interact with the Shrine

After collecting the required orbs, head to the shrine on the island and submit the orbs. This will grant you the Kitsune Mask. The shrine will provide various dialogues indicating your progress.

Additional Rewards

Besides the Kitsune Mask, you can also aim to collect more blue orbs to unlock a new weapon. While the exact number of orbs required for the weapon is not confirmed, it is estimated to be around 50.

Optimized Strategy for Finding Kitsune Island

Step-by-Step Strategy

  1. Set Spawn Point: Set your spawn point to the Kingdom of Rose Island for easy access.
  2. Server Hop Efficiently: Use the server hop button to switch servers quickly instead of manually exiting and joining the game.
  3. Check Manager Dialogue: Regularly check the Manager’s dialogue in the Cafe to determine the spawn time of the Legendary Sword Dealer.
  4. Follow the Search Order: Search the potential spawn locations in this order: Factory Rock, Coliseum, Kingdom of Rose Waterway, Green Zone, Graveyard, and Forgotten Island.
  5. Monitor the Full Moon: Keep an eye on the in-game time for the full moon phase to know when the island will appear.

Final Tips

  • Be Patient: Finding the Legendary Sword Dealer and collecting the required orbs can take time. Be prepared for multiple attempts.
  • Maximize Efficiency: Use fast travel methods and character forms to speed up the process.
  • Stay Alert: Keep monitoring the in-game announcements for updates on the full moon and shrine appearance.