Blox Fruits Updates

Here you will find all the information about the updates of the popular game Blox Fruits. From new islands and powerful Devil Fruits to exciting missions and challenges, this section will keep you up to date with everything you need to know about the latest game updates. Also, don’t miss the new Devil Fruits that have been added to the game. These powerful fruits will grant you unique abilities and help you face increasingly difficult challenges. But updates are not limited to just islands and Devil Fruits. You will also find missions and challenges that will test your skills and reward you with valuable treasures.

🎅Update 17 Part 3.5, Christmas Update

Release Date

December 26, 2022


This update mainly focuses on Christmas-related content, improvements, and bug fixes.

New level cap The level cap is now 2450
Christmas event enabled An exciting Christmas event has been enabled
New event island The “North Pole” island has been added exclusively in the First and Second Sea
New event An hourly special event takes place in the center of the “North Pole” island
End date The event ends on January 1, 2023
New Devil Fruit The new fruit called “Blizzard” has been introduced
New accessory You can now obtain the “Holiday Cloak” accessory
New island Explore the exciting “Candy Cane Island”
Level increase The level cap has been increased from 2400 to 2450
The portal is now called “Gate”
The spirit is now called “Soul”
Improvements in “Death Step”
Improvements in “Awakened Flame Z” movement
Improvements in “Awakened Dark X, C, and V” movements
Improvements in “Awakened Light X” movement
The light sword has been revamped
Adjustments in “Sharkman Karate X and C” movements
Now you can use a sled in the game
Other Information
The character “Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin” has been renamed to “Blox Fruit Gacha”
A new dialogue has been added for the character “Dealer Cousin”
The character “Lord of Destruction” is now called “Instinct Teacher”
The character “Master of Enhancement” has been renamed to “Master of Auras”
The enhancement editor is now called “Aura Editor”
The enhancement is now called “Aura”
The observation is now called “Instinct”
The characters “Fish”, “Sky”, and “Mink” have been renamed as “Shark”, “Angel”, and “Rabbit” respectively
The text “(Max. 600)” has been removed
Now you instantly get souls instead of obtaining them from non-player or player characters

🧍Race V4 Update

Release Date

June 1, 2023


This update mainly focuses on the Awakening of Races (Race V4). The Awakenings of Races (V4) have been implemented.

Various changes
Dough V2 C move Now adapts to the aura color
Reduced power of Dough V2 X move
Correction of Rainbow Aura display on weapons
Eye trail effect with the same aura color
Human: Buddha 27.5% less damage in M1 move, only in PvP
Improved hit detection for Sea Beasts
Slight increase in cooldowns for Portal mobility moves
Walking speed (CTRL) Same for all
Strengthening of passive slowing effect of Ghoul V4

💕Valentine’s Event Update

Release Date

February 25, 2023


This update focuses primarily on Valentine’s content and bug fixes.

Features Description
EXP Bonus Get extra experience when playing with friends on the same server, +15% per friend
Token Bonus Get extra heart tokens when playing with friends on the same server, +15% per friend
Exchange Redeem heart tokens for exclusive rewards at the new NPC
Duration Ended on 06/03/2023
Changes Description
Love Fruit Rework The Love Fruit mechanics have been redesigned
Friend Summon Summon your best friend to aid you in battles
Ride Flamenco Explore the map riding a flamenco with room for two people
Enchantment Effect Temporarily make your opponents fall in love, reducing their damage against you
Changes Description
Name Change: String to Spider The character String has been renamed to Spider
Night Instead of Full Moon on Mirage Island Mirage Island now only requires it to be night, the full moon is no longer necessary
Improved Detection on Mirage Island The detection radius to activate the moon on Mirage Island has been increased, improving gameplay for Xbox players
Unlocked Skills Notification A notification has been added when unlocking a new skill
Nerfed Variant of Blox Fruit Dealer A weaker version of Blox Fruit Dealer has been added to the shop button for quick access to permanent fruits
Buddha Awakened Skill Improvement Buddha’s Awakened Skills now deal more damage
Fixes Description
Phoenix Transformation Fix The issue where Phoenix transformation cooldown did not work correctly when taking damage has been fixed
Cannot Use Portal in Safe Zones The problem of being able to use Portal on players within safe zones has been solved
Erratic Control Behavior The erratic behavior of Control V skill has been fixed
Buddha Raid Boss The issue of the Buddha Raid Boss becoming gigantic has been corrected
Various Sea 2 Errors Several errors related to the Sea 2 scene have been fixed
Low-Level NPC Transformation Energy The problem of low-level NPCs granting more transformation energy than expected has been fixed
Fishman V4 and Buddha Issue The issue related to Fishman V4 and Buddha has been fixed
V4 Skill Mastery Rewards The issue of V4 skills not properly rewarding mastery has been fixed
Hakaishin Title The Hakaishin title has been corrected
Temporary Disappearance of Fruits The problem of fruits temporarily disappearing from the inventory has been fixed
Naturally Generated Fruit Animation The issue of naturally generated fruits not playing their animation has been fixed
Unexpected Activation of V2 Skills The issue of Dough V2 and Phoenix V2 skills activating without reason has been fixed
Mobile Device Aiming Issues The issue of the aiming getting stuck on mobile devices has been fixed
Incorrect Direction in Some Moves The problem of some moves pointing in the wrong direction has been fixed
Damage Bug in Soul Guitar X Skill The problem of Soul Guitar X skill not dealing damage sometimes has been fixed
Shark V4 and Buddha Issues The issues where Shark V4 and Buddha sometimes kill you (and probably Revive) have been fixed
Infinite Camera Vibration The potential issue of infinite camera vibration has been fixed
Permanently Invisible Players The potential issue of players being permanently invisible has been fixed
Instant Death with Twin Hooks + Dough V2 The potential issue of instant death with Twin Hooks + Dough V2 has been fixed
Move Issues The issues of moves breaking on some occasions have been fixed
Weapon Aura Not Displayed The problem of the weapon aura not being displayed has been fixed
Shark’s Water Layer Thickness The problem of the thickness of Shark’s water layer has been fixed
Teleportation Inside Objects A bug where, by holding an attack on a portal, teleportation occurs inside objects, has been fixed