Upgrade Weapons in Blox Fruits (Upgrading): Increase Damage and Stats

Weapon Enhancement is one of the key aspects that make Blox Fruits a dynamic and exciting gaming experience. This feature, introduced during the 17.3 update, allows players to increase the stats and damage of their weapons, providing a competitive edge in combat. Enhancement joins stat allocation and accessories as one of the three main ways to improve your performance in the game.

Blox Fruits Weapon Enhancement Recipes

Below, you can see a table with all the weapon enhancement recipes, including the required items to enhance each weapon and the enhancement buff they provide:

Required Items Enhancement Items Enhancement Buff
5x Leather_blox-fruits 5x AngelWings_blox-fruits Katana / Cutlass +30% Damage
10x Leather_blox-fruits 12x AngelWings_blox-fruits Dual Katana +30% Damage
15x ScrapMetal_blox-fruits 15x Leather_blox-fruits Triple Katana +25% Damage
12x Leather_blox-fruits Shark Saw +25% Damage
10x Leather_blox-fruits 10x AngelWings_blox-fruits Iron Mace +30% Damage
10x FishTail_blox-fruits 8x MiniTusk_blox-fruits 20x Leather_blox-fruits Twin Hooks +10% Damage
12x MagmaOre_blox-fruits10x Leather_blox-fruits Wardens Sword +25% Damage
20x ScrapMetal_blox-fruits 12x MagmaOre_blox-fruits Trident +25% Damage
5x RadioactiveMaterial_blox-fruits 20x Leather_blox-fruits Soul Cane +20% Damage
12x FishTail_blox-fruits10x ScrapMetal_blox-fruits Pipe +25% Damage


How to Enhance Weapons in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is based on a material gathering system that is used to enhance your weapons. Each island in the game hosts specific creatures that, when defeated, can drop various materials. Each material has its own value and purpose, and they are used to enhance both swords and firearms in the game.

To initiate the enhancement process, players must find the Blacksmith, a key NPC in Blox Fruits. This weapon expert is available in all three seas of the game: the First Sea, the Second Sea, and the Third Sea. Finding the Blacksmith may require some exploration, but the reward is worth the effort.

In addition to direct weapon enhancements, certain materials can also be used to acquire exclusive items like the Soul Guitar. This particular item adds a unique touch to your gaming experience, reinforcing the diversity and depth of customization options that Blox Fruits offers.

The enhancement process in Blox Fruits is an integral part of the game experience. It allows players to customize and strengthen their weapons, resulting in more varied and strategic combat. Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced veteran, understanding and utilizing the enhancement system can make a difference in your battles. So start collecting materials and find your nearest Blacksmith, and transform your weapons into unparalleled battle tools.