Stone: Where to Find, Rewards, and Strategy in Blox Fruits

In the vast universe of Blox Fruits, there are various bosses whose confrontation provides highly valuable rewards. Among them is Stone, a formidable level 1550 adversary who has piqued players’ interest due to his unique appeal and rewards. This character is characterized by his immense power, high health level, and the valuable rewards he offers after being defeated.

💥 Boss Stone
⬆️ Boss Level 1550
❤️ Health (HP) 100,000
🗡️ Damage (dmg) 482
⏱️ Spawn Time Every 20 minutes
💡 Experience for defeating 825k – 850k
🎁 Rare Item Drop Pilot Helmet
🎲 Drop Chance ~10%


Damage and Abilities of Stone in Blox Fruits

Stone is an enemy with a health of 100,000 HP, making him one of the toughest bosses to face in Blox Fruits. Each blow he delivers deals damage of 482 points, necessitating that players are well-equipped and prepared for this challenge. Nevertheless, this adversary spawns every 20 minutes, giving players repeated opportunities to confront him and refine their combat strategy.

Rewards from Boss Stone in Roblox

Patience and well-executed strategy are rewarded in Blox Fruits. Defeating Stone grants between 825,000 and 850,000 experience points just for defeating him. Additionally, this boss drops a Pilot Helmet with a drop chance of approximately 10%. This helmet is a valuable in-game item coveted by many players for its benefits. Despite being a challenge, Stone provides significant benefits to those brave enough to face him.

Rewards from Stone’s Quests

The missions associated with Stone also yield substantial benefits. By completing the quests of this boss, players can obtain $25,000 and 60,000,000 experience points, facilitating their progression in the game. These rewards, combined with those obtained from defeating Stone, make this boss an integral component of the progression strategy in Blox Fruits.

Strategies for Facing Stone

requires meticulous planning and precise execution. Although each blow delivered by Stone is devastating, players can counter it with the right equipment and skills. The constant reappearance of Stone provides players with the opportunity to learn from each encounter and adjust their strategy.
In conclusion, Stone is a challenging yet extremely valuable boss in Blox Fruits. It offers players the chance to obtain great rewards and advance rapidly in the game. Thus, facing and defeating Stone becomes an essential experience in the journey of Blox Fruits.