The factory gets a lot of fruits

Within the Blox Fruits universe, the Factory stands as a unique and challenging boss. This opponent not only tests the player’s skill and cunning but also offers rewards that could drastically alter the course of the game.


The Factory and its Reward System

Boss Drops Conditions/Drop Probability
Factory Random Fruit If the player deals the highest damage
Factory Acidum Rifle 20% drop probability

Unlike other bosses, the Factory has a reward system based on the player’s performance. Those who manage to deal the highest damage during the battle will receive a random fruit as a reward. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire rare and powerful fruits, which can be a game-changing factor for any player.
Furthermore, the Factory also has the potential to drop the Acidum Rifle with a 20% probability. This powerful weapon not only provides a significant boost to attack power but also adds an appealing aspect to the player’s character.

The Challenge of the Factory

Facing the Factory in Blox Fruits is no easy task. This formidable boss will require players to employ intelligent strategies and use their abilities efficiently to inflict the highest possible damage. However, the reward is worth the effort, as the possibility of obtaining a powerful fruit or weapon is high.

The Importance of the Factory in Blox Fruits

The presence of the Factory adds an additional dimension to the game, fostering healthy competition among players to see who can deal the highest damage. Additionally, the unique drops offered by this boss make each encounter with the Factory exciting and full of anticipation.
In summary, the Factory in Blox Fruits is more than just a simple boss. It’s a test of skill and strength, offering rewards based on the player’s performance. Each battle against the Factory is an opportunity to showcase your abilities, enhance your inventory, and, most importantly, enjoy the thrill of the challenge. So, the next time you face the Factory, remember: effort and strategy can lead to great rewards.