Pretty Helmet in Blox Fruit

Pretty Helmet

In the fascinating world of Blox Fruits, strategy is key to overcoming opponents and conquering the seas. Accessories play a vital role in this strategy, offering combat advantages that can give players the edge needed to achieve victory. One particular accessory, the Pretty Helmet, stands out for its invaluable bonuses. This article will detail everything you need to know about this distinctive helmet and how it can assist you in your Blox Fruits adventure.

Name Type Rarity Effects Source
Pretty Helmet Accessory Rare +250 Energy
+500 Health
+10% Melee Damage
+12.5% Defense against Melee attacks
+50% Movement Speed

Pros and Cons of the Pretty Helmet: Balancing Power in Blox Fruits

  • High increase in energy, health, and movement speed.
  • Provides a decent increase in damage and defense.
  • Slightly less useful for players using Blox Fruits, swords, or firearms.

Acquisition of the Pretty Helmet

Obtaining the Pretty Helmet requires skill and persistence, as players must defeat five Elite Pirates before they can interact with the NPC Lunoven, located in the café area of the Sea Castle in the Third Sea.
The Elite Pirates are powerful enemies that appear in different locations around the Third Sea. Defeating five of them is required before the player can acquire the Pretty Helmet. The names of these pirates are Deandre, Diablo, and Urban. Once defeated, they respawn in different places after ten minutes, giving players the opportunity to face them again.

Design and Location of the Pretty Helmet

The Pretty Helmet is a metal helmet with a green feather placed on the user’s head. Not only does it offer significant battle enhancements, but it also adds a stylish touch to your character with its distinctive design.
Lunoven, the NPC who grants the Pretty Helmet, is located in the café area of the Sea Castle in the Third Sea, alongside Plokster and the Butler.

Benefits of the Pretty Helmet

The Pretty Helmet offers an impressive set of benefits. The player receives a 10% increase in melee attack damage and a 12.5% defense against melee attacks, making the Pretty Helmet a must-have choice for those who prefer close combat.
Additionally, the helmet increases running speed by 50%, a crucial benefit in the game that allows you to move swiftly and gain the upper hand in battle. The Pretty Helmet also increases energy by 250 and health by 500, significant improvements that can make a difference in intense combat.

The Pretty Helmet in Blox Fruits is an invaluable accessory that provides a perfect balance of offense and defense. Whether you’re facing Elite Pirates or exploring the Third Sea, this helmet can be the key to your success. Remember that in Blox Fruits, every detail counts, and the Pretty Helmet may be the missing piece to your combat strategy.