Red Spikey Coat in Blox Fruit

Red Spikey Coat

In the vast and ever-evolving universe of Blox Fruits, a series of unique and powerful accessories can drastically change the dynamics of your battles. Among them, the Red Spikey Coat stands out not only for its rare availability and vibrant red color but also for the significant enhancements it offers to players.

Name Type Rarity Effects Source Drop Chance
Red Spikey Coat Accessory Rare +250 Energy
+500 Health
+7.5% Damage
Cursed Captain 2.5%

Analyzing the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Red Spikey Coat in Combat

  • Significant increase in health, energy, and damage.
  • Difficult to obtain.
  • Does not increase defense or speed.

This rare accessory, which can be obtained after defeating the Cursed Captain Boss in the Second Sea, presents itself as a coat of red feathers that drapes over the user’s shoulders when worn. The possibility of acquiring it is uncertain, depending on the occasional appearance of the Cursed Captain, who has a 1/3 chance of appearing on the Cursed Ship every in-game night.


Located in a large hall on the third floor of the Cursed Ship, the Cursed Captain Boss represents a test of skill and endurance for players. Only players level 1,000 or higher can access this location and face the probability of acquiring the coveted Red Spikey Coat. However, for those who manage to defeat this adversary, the reward can be invaluable.

Enhancements and Benefits

Like its blue counterpart, the Blue Spikey Coat, the Red Spikey Coat provides users with significant enhancements to their battle performance. However, specific details of these enhancements are not included in the provided information.
Given its similarity to the Blue Spikey Coat, it can be speculated that the Red Spikey Coat provides similar enhancements. However, players are advised to verify the specifics of these enhancements in the game, as details may vary. As a general rule in Blox Fruits, it is crucial for players to stay updated with the latest updates and adjust their strategies accordingly.

In conclusion, the Red Spikey Coat stands as a coveted accessory in the universe of Blox Fruits. With its rarity and potential enhancements, it can make a significant difference in players’ battle performance. However, its acquisition is no easy task, demanding players to have a high level and the skill to defeat the formidable Cursed Captain. For those lucky enough to obtain this accessory, the path to victory in Blox Fruits may be a bit brighter.