Zebra Cap in Blox Fruit

Zebra Cap

Zebra Cap

In the exciting and sometimes challenging world of Blox Fruits, every detail matters, especially when it comes to accessories that can enhance your fighting style. One such accessory is the Zebra Cap, a legendary addition to your combat arsenal. But what makes this cap so special, and how can you obtain it? This article will explore the features of the Zebra Cap, how to acquire it, and the benefits it can bring to your combat strategy.

Name Type Rarity Effects Source Drop Chance
Zebra Cap Accessory Legendary +500 Energy
+100 Health
+10% Sword Damage
15% Blox Fruit attack cooldown reduction
Order 100%

Advantages, Disadvantages, and Effective Combinations with Zebra Cap in Blox Fruits

  • Significantly increases sword damage and energy.
  • Provides cooldown reduction for Blox Fruit attacks.
  • Low increase for health.
  • Incompatible with players who use Guns.

Obtaining the Zebra Cap in Blox Fruits

This accessory is obtained after defeating the Order Boss (Law) and dealing at least 10% damage. The Order Boss appears in the Laboratory in Hot and Cold in the Second Sea after initiating an Order Raid.
To initiate the raid, players must first purchase a Microchip for 1,000 FragmentIcon from the NPC Arlthmetic, hidden in the building where Admiral Smoke appears. Then, they must find the Secret Laboratory located inside the mountain with an attached cauldron and start the raid by pressing the green button. Only the player who possesses the Microchip can press the button and must stand in the dark blue chamber.

Benefits of using the Zebra Cap in Blox Fruits

Using the Zebra Cap in Blox Fruits provides several benefits to players. This accessory offers the user a 10% increase in sword attack damage and a 15% reduction in cooldown time for Blox Fruit attacks. Additionally, it provides 500 points of energy and 100 points of health, increasing the player’s stamina in combat.
In Blox Fruits, the right accessories can completely change how you approach battles and perform in the game. The Zebra Cap, with its ability to boost sword attack damage and reduce cooldown time for Blox Fruit attacks, is an appealing choice for players looking to gain an advantage in battle. Make sure to follow the directions in this article to obtain this valuable accessory and maximize your fighting style. Good luck and have fun exploring the world of Blox Fruits!