Hot and Cold in the Second Sea of Blox Fruits

Welcome to Hot and Cold, a pair of unique islands in Blox Fruits that offer a variety of challenges and mysteries for players of levels 1100 to 1250. In this article, we will take a journey through these intriguing islands, uncovering their secrets, and unraveling the best way to overcome their challenges.

Hot and Cold

Where is Hot and Cold in Blox Fruits?

Hot and Cold in Blox Fruits are a pair of interconnected islands located in the game, each offering unique environmental challenges and themes. The cold island is known for its icy laboratory and a secret compartment that leads to raid opportunities, while the hot island is characterized by its bright orange lava and houses the NPC Arlthmetic for the Order boss raid. These islands present a blend of fire and ice, each with its own set of quests, enemies, and distinct atmospheres.

What level do you leave Hot and Cold in Blox Fruits?

Players typically leave Hot and Cold when they reach levels between 1100 and 1250. This level range is aligned with the missions and challenges available on both islands. For instance, Cold Island’s missions include defeating Lab Subordinates, Horned Warriors, and the Smoke Admiral, while Hot Island challenges players against Magma Ninjas and Lava Pirates. Hot and Cold provide a comprehensive set of experiences for players within this level bracket, preparing them for further adventures in Blox Fruits.

The Challenge of the Hot Island

Surrounded by bright orange lava that damages players who step on it, the hot island is a challenge. However, Magma users and transformed Leopard users are immune to this danger. A secret area behind the fortress houses Arlthmetic, an NPC who sells a Microchip to trigger the Order boss raid, a key part of the Cyborg puzzle.

Enemies, NPCs, and Inhabitants of Hot and Cold

Below are all the Enemies, NPCs, and Inhabitants of Hot and Cold:

NPC Name NPC Type
Luxury Boat Dealer Luxury Boat Dealer
Boat Dealer Boat Dealer
Set Home Point Set Home Point Configurator
Ice Quest Giver (Cold Island) Quest Giver on Cold Island
Fire Quest Giver (Hot Island) Quest Giver on Hot Island
Mysterious Scientist Mysterious Scientist
Dark Step Teacher Dark Step Teacher
Mad Scientist Mad Scientist
Water Kung Fu Teacher Water Kung Fu Teacher
Master of Auras Master of Auras
Arlthmetic Arlthmetic
Unknown NPC for Cyborg Race Unknown NPC for Cyborg Race

Missions and Enemies of Cold Island

Below are all the details of the missions and enemies of Cold Island:

Character Required Level Experience Rewarded Money Rewarded Weapons
Lab Subordinate Lv. 1100 25,500,000 Exp. $20,000 Pipe
Horned Warrior Lv. 1125 27,000,000 Exp. $12,500 Ice
Smoke Admiral (Boss) Lv. 1150 32,500,000 Exp. $20,000 Smoke, Jitte

Missions and Enemies of Hot Island

Below are all the details of the missions and enemies of Hot Island:

Quest Giver Quest Required Level Experience Rewarded Money Rewarded Weapons
Fire Quest Giver Magma Ninja Lv. 1175 29,000,000 Exp. $12,250 Dual-Headed Blade
Fire Quest Giver Lava Pirate Lv. 1200 31,000,000 Exp. $12,500 Magma

Tips and Glitches in Hot and Cold

The Hot and Cold islands are filled with tricks and glitches that players can take advantage of. For example, there’s a glitch that allows players to avoid lava damage if they remain completely still. Additionally, on the cold island, players can use Flash Step to access three igloos containing common chests.

The Atmosphere and Theme of Hot and Cold

The atmosphere of Hot and Cold is unique, with a theme called Acoustic Traveller that contributes to the islands’ unique atmosphere. Each island, with its distinctive design and challenges, offers a gameplay experience that hooks players and keeps them coming back for more.

Useful Tips for Navigating Hot and Cold

In Hot and Cold, players must stay alert and aware of their surroundings. For example, it is recommended to use moves like Dough’s Scorching Donut or Piercing Clothesline in the lava to avoid damage. It’s also important to remember that Hot and Cold is located south of the Green Zone, allowing players to plan their journey accordingly.
In summary, Hot and Cold in Blox Fruits is a pair of islands filled with mysteries and challenges that will keep players on their toes. Whether you’re looking to solve the Cyborg puzzle or simply want to face new challenges, Hot and Cold is the perfect place for you.