Rabbit Race in Blox Fruits

In the rich and diverse universe of Blox Fruits, there is a race that stands out for its speed and agility: the Rabbit Race. This article will take you on a journey to discover all facets of this race, from its unique characteristics to its exciting stages of evolution.

Human Race

The Rabbit Race is one of the four initial races available to players who join Blox Fruits for the first time. It has a 12.5% chance of being granted on your first entry into the game. It is a highly popular race as it provides a significant speed boost, which is very effective for traveling, escaping combos in PvP, chasing other players, and fleeing.

How to Get the Rabbit Race in Blox Fruits? Skills & Awakening

The player has a 25% chance of obtaining this race when changing their race, which can be done in three different ways:

  • Purchasing a Race Change from Tort | 3,000
  • Purchasing a Race Change from the Shop | 90
  • Purchasing a Race Change from certain Event NPCs | Event Shop or Death King
Stage Method
V2 By completing the Alchemist’s Quest. To take this quest, the player must have completed the Coliseum Quest.
V3 By completing Arowe’s Quest, which varies depending on the race. The V3 quest for Rabbits is: Collect 30 chests. Be sure to take the quest every time you join the game, as it will reset if you rejoin.
V4 By completing the Time Temple puzzle and then doing the Speed Trial. Full steps can be found on the Race Awakening page.

Rabbit Race Showcase

What Can Rabbit Race do in Blox Fruits?

The Rabbit Race in “Blox Fruits” is renowned for its unparalleled speed and agility. At its initial stage, players enjoy a 1.5x increase in movement speed, enhanced further in subsequent evolutionary stages. By V2, movement speed doubles, and dash length and efficiency improve. The pinnacle of this race’s abilities is seen in V3, where ‘Agility’ is unlocked, quadrupling the player’s speed and refining dash abilities. This race is perfect for players who prioritize speed in navigation, PvP escapes, and tactical positioning. The Rabbit Race transforms gameplay into a high-speed experience, offering a dynamic and swift approach to the game’s challenges.

How to get Mink Race Blox Fruits?

To obtain the Mink Race in Blox Fruits, players have a few options. Like the Rabbit Race, there’s a 25% chance of obtaining it through a race change, which can be done by purchasing a Race Change from Tort, the Shop, or certain Event NPCs. Completing specific quests and challenges unlocks further evolutionary stages of the Mink Race, enhancing its abilities and attributes. This process of changing and evolving races adds an exciting layer of strategy and progression to the game.

V1, V2, and V3 of the Rabbit Race in Blox Fruits

Below are all the **abilities, changes, and improvements of V1, V2, and V3 of the Rabbit race** in Blox Fruits:

Stage Buffs Visual Changes Image
Version 1 Increases the player’s movement speed to 1.5 times their normal speed. Gives the player a pair of white rabbit ears. No image
Version 2 Speed and Dash Enhancement:

  • Increases the player’s movement speed to 2 times their normal speed.
  • Slightly extends the player’s dash length and reduces the energy cost of the dash from 25 to 15.
No visual changes. No image
Version 3 Unlocks an ability called Agility. While active:

  • Increases the player’s movement speed to 4 times their normal speed.
  • Slightly extends the player’s dash length.
  • Reduces the dash cooldown time.

Lasts for 6.5 seconds and has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Adds a rabbit tail. No image

V4 of the Mink Race in Blox Fruits

Below are all the **abilities, changes, and improvements of V4 of the Rabbit race** in Blox Fruits:

Stage Buffs Visual Changes Image
Version 4 Ancient Powers:

  • Upon transformation, maximum stats are obtained, along with a 10% increase in damage, speed, and healing.

  • Leaves a tornado behind when performing a dash.
  • Tornados will temporarily trap enemies.
View Skill
Upgraded Version:

  • Tornados become much stronger.
View Skill
Mantle of Lightning:

  • Dashes become much longer due to electricity.
Upgraded Version:

  • Allows the user to perform a Super Dash by holding down the dash button.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Mink Race in Blox Fruits

Below are all the **advantages and disadvantages of the Rabbit Race** in Blox Fruits:




  • Greater mobility of all races, allowing the user to dodge attacks and travel long distances with ease.
  • The dash technically does not consume energy if the player’s **Melee** stat is above 900.
    • It will actually take a little energy, but it regenerates faster than it is spent.
  • Very good when combined with **Ice** due to the speed the player gains when running, if the player has a good amount of energy.
  • Only provides speed enhancements.
  • Has been heavily nerfed.
  • Its ability lasts for approximately six seconds.

Best Fruit for Rabbit Race Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, the ideal fruit for the Rabbit Race would be one that complements its speed and agility. Fruits that enhance mobility or provide tactical advantages in movement are particularly beneficial. For instance, a fruit that offers quick strikes or rapid movement abilities can synergize well with the Rabbit Race’s inherent speed, making for a formidable combination in both combat and exploration scenarios. The choice of fruit should align with leveraging the Rabbit Race’s swift nature to its fullest potential.

Mink Vs human Race in Blox Fruits

Comparing the Mink and Human races in Blox Fruits revolves around their distinct attributes. The Mink Race, with its focus on speed and agility, is tailored for players who prefer a fast-paced, dynamic playstyle. In contrast, the Human Race offers a more balanced and versatile experience, suitable for a variety of situations. The decision between these races should be based on personal playstyle preferences and the type of gameplay experience a player is seeking in “Blox Fruits.”

Guide to the Rabbit Race in Blox Fruits

This race has the peculiarity that its speed increases with accessories and the Leopard ability. In fact, a Rabbit’s V3 ability combined with the Pilot Helmet can reach a speed that even surpasses Light Flight. This ability to combine speed with other elements of the game makes the Rabbit Race a strategic choice for those seeking to maintain a competitive edge.
The path of evolution for the Rabbit Race is marked by titles that highlight the player’s increasing speed and skill. Upon evolving to V2, the title “Unmatched Speed” is granted, reflecting the superior speed that the Rabbit Race brings to the game. This title marks the beginning of the race to master speed and strategy in Blox Fruits.

Upon reaching V3, players obtain the title “Godspeed.” This title represents a level of skill and speed that few can achieve, marking the player as one of the fastest and most agile in the game.

Finally, the last evolution title, “Thunderbolt,” is awarded upon reaching V4. This title not only indicates that the player has reached the pinnacle of their evolution but also represents their ability to move and act with the speed and force of lightning.

In summary, the Rabbit Race in Blox Fruits is a unique choice for those who value speed and strategy. With its combinable speed abilities and exciting path of evolution, the Rabbit Race offers players a dynamic and stimulating gaming experience. So, are you ready to join the game and embark on your journey as a Rabbit, pushing the limits of speed in the world of Blox Fruits?