Godhuman in Blox Fruits

Discover a fighting style that embodies the essence of speed, stupor, and push in Blox Fruits the Godhuman style. Considered as the improved successor of Superhuman, the Godhuman style is a true testament to evolution and continuous improvement in the game.


The Godhuman style can be learned from the Ancient Monk, a virtual mentor with unparalleled wisdom and experience. Those players aspiring to master this fighting style must be willing to spend $5,000,000 and 5,000 FragmentIcon, marking the exclusivity and advanced level of this ability. However, despite the required investment, the advantages of the Godhuman style are undeniable and well worth the price. This fighting style, included in update 17.3, has altered the PVP combat landscape in Blox Fruits, establishing itself as a primary choice for players seeking to excel in player-versus-player confrontations.

How Good is the Godhuman in Blox Fruits Skills & Cost

Start by highlighting the unique qualities of Godhuman style, emphasizing its speed, power, and strategic advantage in PVP combat. Discuss how it stands as an evolutionary step up from the Superhuman style. Incorporate user testimonials or game analytics to underscore its effectiveness. Mention its introduction in update 17.3 and its impact on the game’s dynamics

God Human Showcase

How to Get Superhuman in Blox Fruits Requirements

Provide a detailed walkthrough on acquiring Godhuman style. Start with the prerequisites like mastery in Superhuman, Death Step, Sharkman Karate, Electric Claw, and Dragon Talon. Then outline the financial and fragment requirements, and the need to access the Third Sea.

The requirements to obtain Godhuman are:

  • 400 mastery in Superhuman, Death Step, Sharkman Karate, Electric Claw, and Dragon Talon.
  • $5,000,000 $
  • 5,000. Fragments
  • Access to the Third Sea.
    • The necessary materials are shown below.

Icon Name Quantity
Fish Tail 20
Magma Ore 20
Dragon Scale 10
Mystic Droplets 10

Skills of the Godhuman Fighting Style

Key Name Description Mastery GIF
Ascendant Beast The user propels themselves forward in the direction of the mouse. Upon contact with an enemy, the user traps them in place with a barrage of punches in all directions before delivering a final blow with a brief recoil. The user is invincible during the punches. The screen is also darkened for an instant.

  • Inflicts more damage the closer you are to the target and breaks their instinct.
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Sky and Earth This move has 2 variants.

  • If pressed:
    • The user fires a rapidly moving burst of wind. Upon contact with an enemy, the wind will launch them upward and deal damage.
  • If held:
    • The user creates a massive whirlwind around them, gradually increasing in size over time. After holding it for 4 seconds, the user claps to release the force of the wind, creating a shockwave in the air. The longer you hold the attack, the more damage and reach it will have. If used on the ground, it leaves debris behind. Unlike Superhuman, this attack works above and around the user.
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Sixth Realm Pistol This move has 2 variants.

  • If pressed:
    • The user quickly dashes towards the cursor’s direction at the speed of sound. If the user collides with an enemy, they will unleash a devastating punch that sends the enemy flying with immense recoil and deals damage to other enemies within the explosion radius.
  • If held:
    • The user dashes towards the cursor at the speed of light. When colliding with an enemy, the user grabs them and charges a powerful attack with their other fist. During the attack, the user is invincible. This move is similar to the tap version but inflicts significantly more damage and recoil. If held, the movement range is doubled.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Godhuman Fighting Style

  • Ascendant Beast (Z) deals more damage if you hit close to an enemy.
  • Ascendant Beast (Z) is a good movement tool with good range.
  • Ascendant Beast (Z) is slightly faster than Beast Step (Z) (Superhuman) in terms of escaping a fight.
  • Ascendant Beast (Z) grants invincibility to the user and takes less than 1 second to complete when targeting an enemy.
  • Ascendant Beast (Z) is not unreliable, and if the target has used evasive moves or teleported, but you managed to hit them before they do so, you will follow them and not let them escape.
  • Ascendant Beast (Z) consumes some instinct dodges.
  • Ascendant Beast (Z) has super armor.
  • Sky and Earth (X) breaks instinct if you explode directly on targets.
  • Sky and Earth (X) is an excellent finishing move after Ascendant Beast (Z) or Sixth Realm Pistol (C).
  • Sky and Earth (X) when held releases a very large area of effect (AOE) attack, increasing with the time held.
  • Sky and Earth (X) is good for countering some moves (if held) like Electric Claw [C].
  • Sky and Earth (X) if not held still has good range and is ideal for baiting players with no long-range attacks.
  • With good aim, the touch of Sky and Earth (X) can be used to finish fleeing targets with no instinct.
  • Sky and Earth (X) deals a significant amount of damage when held.
  • Sixth Realm Pistol (C) is very fast.
  • Sixth Realm Pistol has good range if held for 0.20s (very beneficial).
  • Sixth Realm Pistol (C) when held grants invincibility, as once you take damage, you instantly travel towards the cursor at incredible speeds, and with some aiming, you can easily inflict massive damage just waiting for someone to attack you.
  • Sixth Realm Pistol (C) has Target Tracking on both tap and hold.
  • Sixth Realm Pistol (C) can hit multiple enemies if they are clustered or close to the punch location.
  • Sixth Realm Pistol (C) when held is a true instinct breaker move. Meaning the opponent can’t deceive it with instinct in any way.
  • Sixth Realm Pistol (C) has super armor.
  • When hitting an NPC or player with Sixth Realm Pistol (C) (held), you are immune to damage for 1 second (you can also evade all projectiles if about to hit players).
  • When fully held, Sky and Earth (X) has an incredible AOE, being able to cover the entirety of a small island (such as Usoapp Island or Phoenix Assault 3 Island).
  • Sixth Realm Pistol [C] has slightly larger hitboxes than it seems, making it very deceptive.
  • Difficult to fail all point-blank moves.
  • Known for its incredible combo potential.
  • It is challenging to obtain, as it requires 400 mastery in all Fighting Styles (excluding Combat), $20,400,000, 26,500 combined from costs to buy other Fighting Styles and to buy Godhuman itself.
  • Ascendant Beast (Z) and Sixth Realm Pistol (C) can be deceived and evaded with instinct.
  • Sky and Earth (X) (tap) can sometimes be dodged with instinct.
  • When held, Sky and Earth (X) has less range than the tap version unless fully held.
  • Sixth Realm Pistol (C) can be challenging to aim when held.
  • Ascendant Beast (Z) can be punished with a recoil move, assuming you are at a decent distance from your opponent.
  • Sky and Earth (X) is difficult to hit when held and can be punished by an opponent with instinct.
  • The moves are extremely bad for grinding (though left-click spam with Buddha can be useful).
  • Only Sky and Earth (X) (tap) can damage Sea Beasts.
  • It’s easy to fail Godhuman moves when using Buddha.

Blox Fruits God Human vs Superhuman

Godhuman, often hailed as the evolutionary successor to Superhuman, is a style that epitomizes speed, power, and versatility. It’s known for:

  • Enhanced Damage and Range: Godhuman moves generally have a greater damage output and wider range, making them ideal for taking on multiple opponents.
  • Advanced Tactical Advantage: With moves like Ascendant Beast and Sixth Realm Pistol, this style offers a blend of offensive and defensive tactics.
  • Higher Mastery Requirements: Godhuman requires mastery in multiple styles and a significant resource investment, making it a style for more seasoned players.

Overview of Superhuman Style

Superhuman, while slightly less advanced, is still a formidable style known for its:

  • Balanced Approach: Offering a mix of speed, damage, and range, Superhuman is well-rounded for various combat situations.
  • Accessibility: It’s easier to obtain than Godhuman, making it a practical choice for newer or less resource-rich players.
  • Effective Combos: Superhuman has a range of moves that can be effectively combined for devastating effects.

Comparative Analysis

  1. Damage Output and Range:
    • Godhuman generally surpasses Superhuman in terms of raw damage and range.
    • Ideal for players who prefer a more aggressive and wide-reaching combat approach.
  2. Tactical Flexibility:
    • Godhuman offers a wider array of tactical options with its advanced moves.
    • Superhuman, while simpler, provides a solid foundation of effective and easy-to-learn tactics.
  3. Resource and Mastery Requirements:
    • Godhuman demands a high level of resources and mastery, making it a long-term goal for players.
    • Superhuman is more accessible, requiring fewer resources and mastery, suitable for a broader range of players.
  4. Learning Curve:
    • Godhuman has a steeper learning curve but offers greater rewards for mastery.
    • Superhuman is easier to learn, making it a great starting point for developing combat skills.
  5. Suitability for Different Game Phases:
    • Godhuman is more suited for late-game scenarios where players have amassed resources and skills.
    • Superhuman is versatile for both early and mid-game phases.

Combos and Tactics with the Godhuman Fighting Style in Combat

In the dynamic world of Blox Fruits, where strategy and skill determine the victors, mastering the Godhuman fighting style can elevate your gameplay to new heights. Renowned for its blend of blistering speed and overwhelming power, the Godhuman style isn’t just about raw strength; it’s about the art of combining moves to outmaneuver and overpower your opponents. This guide delves into the intricate combos and tactics that make Godhuman not just a fighting style, but a path to becoming a formidable force in the game. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to refine your skills or a newcomer eager to make your mark, these insights into the Godhuman style will transform your approach to combat, making every battle a testament to your mastery and strategic prowess

  • Thorny Trident [Z] (if you have the cyborg race), Thorny Trident [X], Godhuman [Z] + [X] + [C] (a one-shot even if not at max level).
  • Ice [V], Godhuman [Z] + [C] + [X] (tap).
  • Dark [C], Soul Scepter [Z], Acidum Rifle [Z] + [X], Godhuman [Z] + [C] + [X].
  • Ice [V], Godhuman [Z], Tushita [Z], Godhuman [C] + [X], Tushita [X] (for sword users).
  • Arena [X], Arena [C], Godhuman [C] (tap), Thorny Trident [X], Godhuman [Z], Godhuman [X] (tap) (easy but sometimes not a one-shot).
  • Ice [V] (not needed if you have good aim and prediction), Kabucha [X], Yama [Z] + [X], Godhuman [Z] + [C] + [X] (for sword users).
  • Ice [V], Godhuman [Z] + [C], Thorny Trident [X], Godhuman [X].
  • Dark [V], Shisui [X], Godhuman [Z] + [C], Shisui [Z], Godhuman [X] (hold or tap).
  • Ice [V] + [C], Godhuman [Z], Soul Scepter [Z], Godhuman [C] + [X], Soul Scepter [X] (for sword users).
  • Ice [V] + [C], Polo (2nd Form) [Z] + [X], Godhuman [Z] + [C] + [X].
  • Awakened Rumble [Z] + [X], Awakened Rumble [C], Godhuman [Z] + [X] + [C] (if possible).
  • Soul [C], Godhuman [Z], Godhuman [C], Soul [V] (hold).
  • Awakened Magma [V] + [X] + [C], (mouse up) Godhuman [Z] + [X] + [C], Awakened Magma [Z] (can be challenging to hit).
  • Godhuman [Z], Thorny Trident [X] + [Z], Godhuman [C] (tap) + [X].
  • Dough [X] + [V], (drag close) Dough [C], (look up immediately) Godhuman [Z] + [C] + [X].
  • Godhuman [Z] + [C] Thorny Trident [X] Godhuman [X]
  • Kabucha [X] + Godhuman [C] (hold or tap) + Canvander [X] + Canvander [Z] + Godhuman [X] + Godhuman [Z] (if the player doesn’t die).