First Sea in Blox Fruits: All Islands

Roblox’s universe is as vast as the ocean, and within this sea of creativity, a standout gem of a game called Blox Fruits shines. With its diverse landscapes and intriguing challenges, this title captivates players from their very first encounter. Today, we dive into the depths of the First Sea of Blox Fruits, an exciting starting point for newcomers and a pivotal milestone in the game’s narrative.

Map of the First Sea of Blox Fruits

Below is the map of the First Sea of Blox Fruits, with its different islands marked:

First Sea

All Islands in the First Sea of Blox Fruits

If you want to know all about any of the islands in the First Sea, choose your island here:

Entry Requirements, Enemies, and Bosses of all Islands in the First Sea

Here are the details of all the islands in the First Sea:

Island Name Entry Requirements Enemies Bosses
Middle Town Any level Unknown The Saw (level 100)
Marine Starter Any level Trainee N/A
Pirate Starter Any level Bandit N/A
Jungle/Forest Level 15 Monkey, Gorilla Gorilla King
Pirate Village Level 30 Pirate, Brute Bobby
Desert Level 60 Desert Bandit, Desert Officer N/A
Frozen Village Level 90 Snow Bandit, Snowman Yeti, Ice Admiral (only at level 700)
Marine Fortress Level 120 Chief Petty Officer Vice Admiral, Greybeard (Raid boss, level 750)
Skylands and Upper Skylands Level 150 Sky Bandit, Dark Master (Skylands), God’s Guard, Shanda, Royal Squad, Royal Soldier (Upper Skylands) Wysper, Thunder God (Note: Access to Upper Skyland requires level 450.)
Prison Level 190 Prisoner, Dangerous Prisoner Warden, Chief Warden, Swan
Colosseum Level 250 Toga Warrior, Gladiator N/A
Magma Village Level 300 Military Soldier, Military Spy Magma Admiral
Underwater City Level 375 Fishman Warrior, Fishman Commando Fishman Lord
Fountain City Level 625 Galley Pirate, Galley Captain Cyborg

The First Sea of Blox Fruits: A Memorable Beginning

The First Sea has served as the initial canvas of the adventure. Comprising 14 main islands, this sea is where players take their first steps into a world full of challenges and opportunities. The choice of team at the beginning of the game, whether Marines or Pirates, determines the starting island: the Marine Starter Island or the Pirate Starter Island. In both locations, players will find basic signage to guide them on their journey, as well as low-difficulty enemies to familiarize themselves with the combat system.

Sailing Smoothly in the First Sea

Simplicity and accessibility are the distinguishing features of the First Sea. The NPCs you encounter here are relatively weak, making it easier for new players to adapt to the combat system. Additionally, bounty hunting is not a common phenomenon, contributing to a less dangerous environment. In terms of progression, the First Sea also stands out for its user-friendliness. The need to acquire or unlock items is quite limited, allowing for easy resource management for newcomers.

Minimalist and Functional Design

The design of the First Sea reflects its early roots in the development of Blox Fruits. Its structures are somewhat simple, and its interior decoration tends to be quite austere. However, this minimalist design helps the game’s performance to be smoother compared to other seas with more complex graphics. Despite its simple design, this sea contains a certain nostalgia with the presence of enemies that still use older versions of fruits and weapons.

However, a refurbishment of the First Sea (and the Second Sea) is expected in an upcoming update, promising to add a new layer of brilliance to this already iconic setting. In summary, the First Sea of Blox Fruits in Roblox provides a perfect introductory scenario for those looking to embark on their adventure. Its accessible design, manageable challenges, and friendly environment offer an ideal first contact with the game. Still, veteran players will also find value in its nostalgic charm and promising future thanks to the upcoming updates. Hop aboard and set sail on your adventure in the First Sea!