Prison in the First Sea of Blox Fruits

Venture into the captivating and challenging world of Prison in Blox Fruits, an island located west of Fountain City designed for players at levels 190 to 250. Initially known as a boss-exclusive island, since update 17.2, it now offers NPCs with whom players can interact and challenge.


Inhabitants, NPCs, and Enemies of Prison

Below, we present all the Inhabitants, NPCs, and Enemies of Prison:

NPCs Enemies
Remove Blox Fruits Swan
Military Detective Warden
Dangerous Prisoner

Where is the Prison in Blox Fruits?

Prison in Blox Fruits is an intriguing and formidable island located west of Fountain City in the First Sea. This circular fortress, characterized by its two walls and a large gate flanked by blue-roofed towers, stands as a unique and challenging destination for players. The island’s design, with its expansive grass-covered area, small castle, and residential area for prisoners, makes it a distinctive and memorable location in the game.

A Circular Fortress: The Appearance of Prison

The Prison is an imposing circular fortress with two walls, internal and external. At the front, a pier leads to a large gate flanked by two blue-roofed towers. Upon passing through the gate, you’ll find yourself in a vast space covered with grass and trees, with a small castle at the back. Between the two walls, you’ll discover an area of water covered with wooden planks where the prisoners reside.

The Enchanting Melody of Prison

The musical theme of Prison is Lonely Dwarven Miner, a melody composed by @DTF that reflects the somber and challenging atmosphere of the island. The gloomy sound of the lonely dwarven mine resonates through the towering walls of the fortress, creating an atmosphere that feels both captivating and threatening.

What level do you leave Prison in Blox Fruits?

Players typically leave Prison when they reach levels between 190 and 250. This level range is suitable for the challenges and NPCs present on the island, including Swan, the Warden, and the Chief. Prison’s status as a high-level area, coupled with the array of bosses and enemies, ensures that players within this level bracket are adequately tested and rewarded for their skills and strategies before progressing to even more advanced areas in the game.

The Boss Island

With the highest number of bosses in the First Sea, Prison offers unique challenges for high-level players. Originally, there was no Home Point NPC on the island, but it was added in update 17, improving the island’s accessibility.

A True Prison?

In the past, players could get trapped in Prison if they didn’t use flight ability fruits like Light, Flame, or Phoenix. This was due to the absence of a Boat Dealer. To get out, they had to steal boats from other players, get a ride from them, set their spawn point on another island (like Jungle), and use the teleport home button to leave the island, or remove their fruit by talking to Remove Blox Fruit at the back of the island. However, now you can hold down the jump button and walk on water without dying, even if you are a fruit user.

New Additions in Prison

Before update 17 Part 2, there were no prisoners on the island. You had to face the bosses, but now prisoners have been added along with the Dangerous Prisoner. Additionally, at the end of the outer ring, you’ll find the Blox Fruit Remover, who offers to remove your Blox Fruit for 50,000. However, it is not recommended to do so.
In summary, Prison in Blox Fruits offers a challenging world full of thrills, challenges, and rewards. With its impressive architecture, intriguing lore, and wide variety of NPCs, it is a destination that every Blox Fruits player should experience. So, take up your sword, activate your abilities, and get ready to face the challenges that await you in Blox Fruits’ Prison.