Marine Fortress in the First Sea of Blox Fruits

Located northwest of Marine Starter Island, the Marine Fortress in Blox Fruits is a crescent-shaped island that offers players from levels 120 to 150 a variety of challenges and rewards. Let’s venture into more detail about this intriguing fortress.

Marine Fortress

Where is the Marine Fortress in Blox Fruits?

The Marine Fortress in Blox Fruits is a crescent-shaped island located northwest of Marine Starter Island in the First Sea. This imposing stone structure, with its unique crescent form, stone walls, and towering watchtowers, offers a distinctive and strategic location for players, making it an essential destination for those in the level range of 120 to 150.

Inhabitants, NPCs, and Enemies in Marine Fortress

Below, we present all the enemies, inhabitants, and NPCs of Marine Fortress:

NPCs Enemies
Parlus Chief Petty Officer
Vice Admiral

A Seaside Bastion: The Architecture of Marine Fortress

The Marine Fortress is an imposing stone structure that faces the sea with its crescent shape. The island is bordered by stone walls, and the crescent’s top is covered with grass, trees, and buildings. At each of the “corners” of the island, four enormous watchtowers rise. Inside the crescent, you’ll find a dock leading to a very tall building where the Vice Admiral resides.

Treasures and Collectibles in the Fortress

The Marine Fortress is also a trading location, as here you can buy the Black Cape for 50,000 in-game money. NPC Parlus sells it in one of the towers. Additionally, Love Letter #3 for the Son Quest can be obtained by going through a maze beneath the castle.

What level do you leave Marine Fortress in Blox Fruits?

Players typically leave Marine Fortress when they reach levels between 120 and 150. This range ensures that players have maximized their experience and challenges in the fortress, including combat with NPCs like the Chief Petty Officer and Vice Admiral, completing quests, and confronting the raid boss Greybeard, before moving on to more advanced areas in Blox Fruits.

Is There a Sword Dealer in Marine Fortress?

Yes, Marine Fortress in Blox Fruits features an Advanced Weapon Dealer, where players can purchase various weapons to bolster their arsenal. This NPC adds to the strategic importance of the fortress, providing players with access to advanced equipment essential for their progression in the game.

Where does Greybeard spawn in Marine Fortress in Blox Fruits?

Greybeard, the raid boss in Marine Fortress, spawns every 4 to 6 hours. His appearance is signaled by a message in the chat: “Loud tremors are being heard across the seas…”. Greybeard’s spawn location is within the Marine Fortress, presenting a formidable challenge to players, especially those aiming to upgrade their Bisento to Bisento v2.

The Raid Boss Challenge in Marine Fortress

Every 4 hours, a message appears in the chat saying: “Loud tremors are being heard across the seas…”. This means that the Raid Boss Greybeard has spawned. If you manage to defeat him while equipped with the Bisento, it will upgrade to Bisento v2. But be careful, you need to deal at least 10% of the damage to get the upgrade.

Where is Parlus in Marine Fortress in Blox Fruits?

Parlus, an important NPC in Marine Fortress, is located in one of the large guard towers on the island. He plays a crucial role as he sells the Black Cape for 50,000 in-game money, a valuable item for players looking to enhance their capabilities and collections in the game.

Curious Facts about Marine Fortress

With its theme “Marshall Strength” composed by Roblox, the Marine Fortress offers a challenging and exciting atmosphere for players. Additionally, this island hides several secrets. For example, you can attack Chief Petty Officers while they are stuck on the edge of the stairs without them being able to hit you. The boats on this island are sold at a cheaper price, even if you are a pirate. And fighting the Vice Admiral is one of the best ways to accumulate money in the First Sea.
In conclusion, the Marine Fortress in Blox Fruits is an island that offers a mix of challenges, rewards, and secrets that will keep players intrigued and busy. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills, collect rare items, or simply enjoy a new environment, this island has something for you. So, prepare your weapons, adjust your strategy, and get ready to conquer the Marine Fortress.