Desert in the First Sea of Blox Fruits

In the vast and vibrant world of Blox Fruits, the Desert is an island that shines with its own arid and challenging charm. Specifically designed for players ranging from level 60 to 90, the Desert island has earned a special place in the hearts of many for its intriguing design and fascinating missions it contains.


Where is Desert in Blox Fruits?

The Desert island in Blox Fruits is a distinctive and challenging location within the First Sea. Characterized by its vast sandy landscapes and intriguing structures like ruins and a pyramid, the Desert stands out as a unique and immersive environment. Its layout encourages exploration and discovery, offering players a chance to delve into its secrets and challenges amidst an arid backdrop.

What level is Desert in Blox Fruits?

The Desert island is specifically tailored for players ranging from level 60 to 90 in Blox Fruits. This level bracket makes it an ideal destination for more advanced players seeking to test their skills and progress in the game. With enemies such as Desert Bandits and Desert Officers, as well as the involvement in the Saber Expert Puzzle and relevance for Light raids, the Desert provides a well-rounded and engaging experience for players within this level range.

Inhabitants, NPCs, and Enemies in the Desert

Below, we present all the inhabitants, NPCs, and enemies in the Desert:

NPCs Enemies
Boat Dealer Desert Bandit
Luxury Boat Dealer Desert Officer
Home Points

The Desert in Blox Fruits: An Overview

The Desert, at first glance, appears to be an expansive and unexplored stretch of sand, seemingly inhospitable but filled with secrets to be discovered. Apart from the sandy areas, there are some paths and courtyards that reveal themselves as you progress, expanding the gameplay experience and providing a sense of exploration and discovery.

Embarking on the Journey: First Steps on the Desert Island

From the docks, begin your journey towards the heart of the island. A trail leads you to a village inhabited by Desert Bandits, a challenging test for higher-level players. In the opposite direction, you’ll discover a house in ruins and a pyramid, both integral parts of the intriguing and enigmatic atmosphere of the island.

Discovering the Saber Expert Puzzle in the Desert

The Desert island also plays a crucial role in the Saber Expert Puzzle. In the fallen house, you can burn the curtains with the torch you collected in the Jungle, revealing a riddle and a cup. This object is an essential piece of the puzzle that will lead you to your next destination: the Frozen Village.

Meeting the NPCs of the Island: Desert Adventurer and Hasan

As you progress in your exploration of the island, you’ll encounter a variety of NPCs, including the Desert Adventurer and Hasan. Hasan is hidden in a secret passage beneath the silver chest near the pyramid and offers you a Swordsman Hat if you have at least 200 stat points in your sword skill.

The Only Desert-Themed Island: Unique in its Kind in Blox Fruits

The immersive ambiance of the Desert is further enhanced by its musical theme, The Endless Desert, composed by Roblox. This melody evokes the feeling of an endless and infinite journey through the desert, heightening the sense of vastness and isolation that characterizes this unique place.
As the only desert-themed island in the entire game, the Desert in Blox Fruits stands out for its singularity and challenging gameplay environment. Besides its unique design and place in the Saber Expert Puzzle, it is also relevant for Light raids. Undoubtedly, this island has earned its place in the pantheon of memorable locations in Blox Fruits, both for its exceptional design and the variety of gameplay experiences it offers. If you seek a challenge with a different flavor, the Desert is undoubtedly a stop you must include in your journey through the world of Blox Fruits.