Second Sea of Blox Fruits: All Islands

Immerse yourself in the exciting experience of Roblox with Blox Fruits, a world where adventure never stops. In this fascinating journey, you will encounter a vast ocean of possibilities that will take you from the tranquil waters of the First Sea to the turbulent waves of the Second Sea.

Map of the Second Sea in Blox Fruits:

Get ready, because this article will guide you through the challenges and rewards of the Second Sea in Blox Fruits.

All Islands in the Second Sea of Blox Fruits

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What Awaits Us on the Islands of the Second Sea?

Below is a table with the description and main characteristics of all the Islands in the Second Sea:

Island Name Description
Kingdom of Rose It is the largest island and serves as the central hub with various attractions such as the Mansion and The Café.
Green Zone A vast territory filled with megaflora connected to the Kingdom of Rose by a large bridge. The Marine Admiral Fajita can be found here.
Graveyard A small-sized island inhabited by undead entities.
Dark Arena The place where the powerful level 1000 boss Darkbeard can be summoned using the Fist of Darkness.
Remote Island Here, you will find The Strongest God, who offers the Kabucha pistol in exchange for 1,500 FragmentIcons.
Snow Mountain A frigid environment island, home to the characters Snow Trooper and Warrior. You can acquire the Superhuman combat style here.
Hot and Cold An island of contrasts with areas of ice and lava. It is possible to initiate Raids and equip combat styles from the First Sea.
Cursed Ship A cursed ship inhabited by undead enemies that drop ectoplasm, which can be exchanged for items and the Ghoul race.
Ice Castle An island with a majestic ice castle guarded by the Ice Admiral. Here, you can acquire the Death Step combat style and the mythical sword, Rengoku.
Forgotten Island A mysterious and forgotten island where the Tide Keeper boss resides, capable of summoning a false Sea Beast. You can obtain the Sharkman Karate and defeat Tide Keeper to obtain the rare sword, Dragon Trident.
King Toad’s House A hidden room next to the Awakening Expert labeled as “CLASSIFIED.” There are no activities available here.
Cave Island A small island that contains two treasures, gold and silver chests, and a hidden room that leads to a Blue Flower and a diamond chest.

The Second Sea: A New Horizon in Blox Fruits

The Second Sea, introduced in the eighth update of the game, is the intermediate transition in players’ adventure. This scenario comes into play once players have completed the Military Detective’s mission.
To access the Second Sea, you must reach level 700. After reaching this milestone, players will receive a special key from the Military Detective that allows them to access a cave in the Frozen Village. Inside this cave, they must face the Ice Admiral. After overcoming this challenge, they should talk to the Experienced Captain in Middle Town to have the option to travel to the Second Sea.

Navigating More Challenging Waters in the Second Sea of Blox Fruits

The Second Sea may seem more dangerous than the first, but it also offers more interesting opportunities. NPCs are more powerful, and their attacks are more harmful. Moreover, enemies with Aura are more common on these islands, which decreases the effectiveness of elemental fruits.
Furthermore, bounty hunting becomes more frequent in the Second Sea, with the Kingdom of Rose being one of the most affected islands. However, this challenge can be seen as an opportunity to gain experience and improve combat skills.

A World of Greater Complexity: The Second Sea

The design of the Second Sea is notably more sophisticated than the first. The buildings are more detailed, and the islands are larger and more complex, with the Kingdom of Rose being one of the most extensive in the game. NPCs also use more modern attacks, adding a higher level of challenge.

Special Currency: Second Sea Fragments in Blox Fruits

The Second Sea introduces a new currency, Fragments, which are obtained by defeating Raid Bosses and winning in Raids. Fragments can also be acquired by defeating the Sea Beast. They are used to purchase race changes, stat resets, the Flower Boat, combat styles, Kabucha, and Fruit Awakenings.
In conclusion, the Second Sea of Blox Fruits in Roblox is a scenario filled with challenges and opportunities that takes players to a new level of gameplay. With its more powerful NPCs, new currency, and larger islands, this sea offers an exciting and rewarding adventure. Raise your sails and sail towards the excitement of the Second Sea!”