Ice Castle in the Second Sea by Blox Fruits

When you venture into the Second Sea of Blox Fruits, there’s a place that stands out for its icy beauty and chilling challenges: the Ice Castle.

Ice Castle

Where is the Ice Castle in Blox Fruits?

The Ice Castle in Blox Fruits is an impressively majestic island located in the Second Sea. As the penultimate island before the Forgotten Island, it is a significant destination for advanced players. The Ice Castle is characterized by its expansive frozen landscape, dominated by a massive castle where the Awakened Ice Admiral appears. It also features an area where players can find the Quest Giver and combat various enemies, including Arctic Warriors and Snow Lurkers.

What level do you leave Ice Castle in Blox Fruits?

Players typically leave the Ice Castle when they reach levels between 1350 and 1425. This level range is appropriate for the challenges present on the island, such as defeating the Arctic Warriors, Snow Lurkers, and the formidable Awakened Ice Admiral. The Ice Castle serves as a critical progression point for players in the Second Sea, providing them with opportunities to gain experience, improve their skills, and acquire valuable items like the Rengoku sword and the Death Step fighting style.

Missions and Enemies in Ice Castle

Below, we detail all the missions and enemies you’ll find in Ice Castle:

Name Required Level Description Reward Ability Image
Arctic Warriors 1350 (Elemental at 1394) Defeat 8 Arctic Warriors $12,250 and 41,000,000 EXP Air Slash Artic Warriors
Snow Lurkers 1375 (Elemental effects do NOT work on this NPC) Defeat 8 Snow Lurkers $12,500 and 43,000,000 EXP Ice X move Snow Lurker
Awakened Ice Admiral 1400 (Elemental effects do NOT work on this NPC, as it’s a boss) Defeat the Awakened Ice Admiral $20,000 and 45,000,000 EXP Awakened Ice Z, X, and V Ice Admiral

Reward Objectives in the Ice Castle

On the Ice Castle island, players can obtain the fighting style Death Step from the NPC Phoeyu the Reformed after achieving a mastery of 400 in Dark-Step. You can also obtain the Rengoku sword on this island, with a 5% probability when defeating the Awakened Ice Admiral and obtaining the Hidden Key, or with an extremely low probability of 0.1-0.2% when obtaining it from any NPC on the Ice Castle island.

Location and Features of the Ice Castle

The Ice Castle is located north of the Dark Arena in the Second Sea. This icy castle is characterized by flat ice blocks scattered in the water and in front of the island, where boat dealers can be found.

Hoops of the Ice Castle: A Touch of Color on the Ice

In a fun and unique detail of the Ice Castle, behind the castle, you’ll find several colored hoops through which Dragon fruit users can fly. By passing through these Hoops, players can change the color of their dragon, and each color, besides the default one, requires a certain mastery level. There are nine colors to choose from, providing a fun and personalized way to enhance your character.

The Ice Castle: A Place of Mysteries and Secrets

The Ice Castle also houses several secrets, such as the possibility of using the Library Key on a castle door to access the NPC Phoeyu the Reformed, an access that is saved even after leaving the game. However, the Hidden Key and Library Key are not saved in the player’s inventory if they leave the game.
In summary, the Ice Castle in Blox Fruits provides an experience rich in challenges and rewards for high-level players. Whether you’re looking to improve your fighting skills, obtain powerful rewards, or simply enjoy the icy beauty of this island, the Ice Castle has much to offer.