Haunted Castle on the Third Sea of Blox Fruits

Haunted Castle rises in the Third Sea of Blox Fruits as an island resembling a ship, boasting one of the largest sizes and the greatest height in the game thanks to its immense mast. This island, added in Update 16, hosts missions for players between levels 1975 and 2075, providing a unique gameplay space filled with spooky and thrilling challenges.

Haunted Castle

Where is Haunted Castle in Blox Fruits?

Haunted Castle in Blox Fruits is an imposing and eerie island located in the Third Sea. Resembling a ship with its immense mast, this island stands as one of the largest and tallest in the game. Added in Update 16, Haunted Castle offers a unique and spooky environment for players, complete with a pier leading to the main island, a cabin that houses quest givers, a cemetery, and a central castle teeming with challenges and enemies.

What level do you leave Haunted Castle in Blox Fruits?

Players typically leave Haunted Castle when they reach levels between 1975 and 2075. This level range is appropriate for the missions and enemies on the island, such as Reborn Skeletons, Living Zombies, Demonic Souls, and Possessed Mummies. Haunted Castle’s array of challenges, from spooky quests to the raid boss Soul Harvester, provides a comprehensive range of experiences for players in this level bracket, preparing them for their next adventures in Blox Fruits.

NPCs in Haunted Castle

We show you all the NPCs of Haunted Castle:

Set Spawn NPC
Boat Dealer
Luxury Boat Dealer
Haunted Castle Quest Giver 1
Haunted Castle Quest Giver 2
Death King

Missions and Enemies in Haunted Castle

We show you all the Missions and Enemies of Haunted Castle:

Quest Giver Quest Lv. Required Exp. Rewarded Beli Rewarded Special Abilities
Haunted Castle Quest Giver 1 Reborn Skeleton Lvl. 1975 | Elemental at 2056 91,000,000 Exp. $ 13,000 Dark Step
Haunted Castle Quest Giver 1 Living Zombie Lvl. 2000 93,500,000 Exp. $ 13,250 Flash Step, Superhuman
Haunted Castle Quest Giver 2 Demonic Soul Lvl. 2025 | Elemental at 2107 96,000,000 Exp. $ 13,500 Flame
Haunted Castle Quest Giver 2 Possessed Mummy Lvl. 2050 | Elemental at 2134 98,500,000 Exp. $ 13,750 Dark

The Structure of Haunted Castle: Exploring the Spooky Island

Haunted Castle is composed of several unique elements and paths that players can explore. Upon entering, you will encounter a pier leading to stairs towards the main island and a stone path leading to a cabin, the home of the first quest giver on this island. From the cabin, three paths lead to different parts of the island, including a cemetery filled with Reborn Skeletons and a forest teeming with Living Zombies. The central path leads to the main castle, home to the second quest giver and several fearsome creatures, including Demonic Souls and Possessed Mummies.

The Challenges and Rewards of Haunted Castle

Haunted Castle in Blox Fruits is famous for its diverse challenges and rewards. Players can trade a special type of currency called Bones with the Death King for a Random Surprise. Additionally, by placing a Hallow Essence on an altar with blue flames, players can summon the raid boss, the Soul Harvester. If players manage to climb to the top of the mast and land inside the crow’s nest, they will find three diamond chests that give around 11,000 coins or more.

Facing Exploiters in Haunted Castle

Although Haunted Castle is known to have a large number of exploiters, many players use this area to get free rewards by defeating them. This island is also a good place to grind chests for money, especially by traveling to the top of the mast, collecting the chests, and joining another server to repeat the process.

Embark on the Soul Guitar Quest in Haunted Castle

Finally, Haunted Castle is also the starting point of the Soul Guitar Quest, providing another layer of challenge and opportunity for player growth. In summary, Haunted Castle in Blox Fruits offers exciting and spooky gameplay in a unique setting. The island presents challenges, missions, and rewards that will keep players engaged and eager for more. No matter how many times you visit Haunted Castle, you will always find something new and exciting to discover.