Floating Turtle in the Second Sea by Blox Fruits

Floating Turtle emerges in Blox Fruits as a vast metropolis located on the shell of a massive turtle in the Third Sea. This island is a must-visit for players who have reached at least level 1775, offering a range of challenges and missions that can be undertaken before heading off to the Haunted Castle at level 1975.

Floating Turtle

Where is Floating Turtle in Blox Fruits?

Floating Turtle in Blox Fruits is a vast metropolis uniquely situated on the shell of a massive turtle in the Third Sea. This island stands out for its remarkable concept and serves as a central hub for a variety of missions and NPCs. As the largest island in the Third Sea and the second-largest in the game, Floating Turtle offers a diverse and rich environment for players, filled with challenges, quest givers, and intriguing locations such as the Mansion.

What level do you leave Floating Turtle in Blox Fruits?

Players typically leave Floating Turtle when they reach levels around 1975. This level range aligns with the missions and enemies available on the island, including Fishman Raiders, Captains, Forest and Mythological Pirates, and other formidable foes like Captain Elephant and Beautiful Pirate. Floating Turtle provides a comprehensive range of challenges suitable for players in this level bracket, effectively preparing them for their next destination, the Haunted Castle, and further adventures in Blox Fruits.

NPCs of Floating Turtle

Below, we show you all the characters of Floating Turtle:

Set Spawn NPCs
Luxury Boat Dealer
Boat Dealer
Marine Recruiter
Pirate Recruiter
Blox Fruit Dealer
Blox Fruit Gacha
Turtle Adventure Quest Giver
Deep Forest Quest Giver
Deep Forest Area 2 Quest Giver

Missions and Enemies of Floating Turtle

Below, we show you all the missions and enemies of Floating Turtle:

Name Required Level Description Rewards Image
Fishman Raider 1775 Defeat 8 Fishman Raiders $13,000 and 73,000,000 EXP Fishman_Raider
Fishman Captain 1800 Defeat 8 Fishman Captains $15,000 and 75,500,000 EXP Fishman_Captain
Forest Pirate 1825 Defeat 8 Forest Pirates $13,000 and 78,000,000 EXP Forest_Pirate
Mythological Pirate 1850 Defeat 8 Mythological Pirates $13,000 and 81,000,000 EXP Mythological_Pirate
Captain Elephant 1875 Defeat Captain Elephant $40,000 and 90,000,000 EXP Captain_Elephant
Jungle Pirates 1900 Defeat 8 Jungle Pirates $13,000 and 85,000,000 EXP Jungle_Pirate
Musketeer Pirate 1925 Defeat 8 Musketeer Pirates $15,000 and 87,500,000 EXP Musketeer_Pirate
Beautiful Pirate 1950 Defeat Beautiful Pirate $50,000 and 100,000,000 EXP Beautiful_Pirate
Beautiful Pirate Second Form – Phase 2 (After Defeating the First Phase) 1950 Defeat Beautiful Pirate – Second Form – Phase 2 (After defeating the first phase) $50,000 and 100,000,000 EXP Beautiful_Pirate_Second_Form

Floating Turtle: A Paradise for Elite Pirates
As the largest island in the Third Sea and the second-largest in the entire game, Floating Turtle offers the highest number of spawn locations for Elite Pirates, with approximately seven locations. This abundance of spawn locations makes grinding Elite Pirates easier, although the process can be slow and challenging due to the number of bounty hunters found here.

The Temple of the Third Sea: The Mansion of Floating Turtle

A highlight of Floating Turtle is the Mansion, a crucial building in the Third Sea that houses important NPCs and one of the four portals in the Third Sea. This is a focal point on the island that offers opportunities to interact and gain valuable information from the NPCs residing there.

Tushita Puzzle and the Hungry Man Quest: Unique Challenges of Floating Turtle

Floating Turtle is also home to several special challenges and missions, including the Tushita puzzle, where players need to light five torches around the island in the correct numeric sequence using the “Holy Torch.” Additionally, the Hungry Man Quest can be initiated here, with the prize of obtaining Instinct V2 upon completion. The apple needed for this Quest can be found atop a hill near the Hungry Man.

Unlocking New Abilities and Titles in Floating Turtle

Floating Turtle is a place of growth and evolution for Blox Fruits players. By completing the Horned Man Quest, players can unlock the aura color: Rainbow Savior and obtain the title: Final Hero. Additionally, players can upgrade their fighting style, electric, to Electric Claw by completing the Previous Hero Quest and obtain the fighting style: Godhuman from the Ancient Monk if they have met the necessary requirements.
In summary, Floating Turtle in Blox Fruits is a marvel of game design; its size, unique challenges, and opportunities for progress make it a pillar of the gaming experience. When players venture into Floating Turtle, they not only face a challenge but also embark on an experience that tests their wit, skill, and determination.