All the Bosses of Blox Fruits in Roblox

Bosses represent a much more formidable category of adversary than an ordinary one. They provide more abundant rewards, employ combat techniques and grant additional benefits. However, against them the Elemental passive lacks effectiveness.


Once you accumulate 2.5 million rewards/honor, you will not be able to receive any more benefits (or Honor) from these leaders.

All the Bosses of the First Sea in Blox Fruits

Here are all the bosses of the First Sea:


Boss Level Drops Respawn Time Location
Gorilla King 25 N/A 3-4 Minutes Mini-island attached to the main jungle
Bobby 55 N/A 9-10 Minutes Upper floor of the mansion in Pirate Village
Saw 100 Shark Saw (sword), 10% probability N/A N/A
Yeti 110 Yeti Fur 5 Minutes N/A
Mob Leader 120 N/A 1 Minute N/A
Vice Admiral 130 Vice Admiral’s Coat, 10% probability 7 Minutes N/A
Warden 220 N/A 4-5 Minutes N/A
Saber Expert 200 Saber V1 30 Minutes N/A
Chief Warden 230 Warden Sword, 5-10% probability 10 Minutes N/A
Swan 225 Pink Coat, 2.5-5% probability 30 Minutes N/A
Magma Admiral 350 Refined Musket, 10% probability 20 Minutes Magma Village
Fishman Lord 425 Trident, 10% probability 20 Minutes N/A
Wysper 500 Bazooka, 5% probability 20 Minutes First area of the Upper Skylands
Thunder God 575 Pole (1st form), 5% probability 30 Minutes N/A
Cyborg 675 Cool Shades, 1-2% probability 30-35 Minutes Fountain City
Ice Admiral 700 N/A N/A Second Sea

All the Bosses of the Second Sea in Roblox

Here are all the bosses of the Second Sea:




Don SwanDon Swan

Smoke AdmiralSmoke Admiral

Awakened Ice AdmiralAwakened Ice Admiral

Tide keeperTide keeper

Boss Level Drops Respawn Time Location
Diamond 750 Longsword 15 Minutes Flower Hill
Jeremy 850 Black Spikey Coat, 5% probability 15 Minutes Larger circular platform on the right side of the Factory, facing Usoap’s Island
Fajita 925 Gravity Cane, 10% probability 15 Minutes Green Zone
Don Swan 1000 Swan Glasses, 2.5-5% probability; Swan Ship, 100% probability 30 Minutes Don Swan’s Mansion
Smoke Admiral 1150 Jitte, 15% probability 20 Minutes Hot and Cold (hot side)
Awakened Ice Admiral 1400 Hidden Key, 2.5% probability; Library Key, 15% probability 20 Minutes Ice Castle
Tide Keeper 1475 Dragon Trident, 7.5% probability; Water Key, 40% probability 30-45 Minutes Forgotten Island


All Bosses or Bosses of the Third Sea in Blox Fruits

Here are all the bosses of the Third Sea:

Island EmpressStone

Island EmpressIsland Empress

Kilo AdmiralKilo Admiral

Captain ElephantCaptain Elephant

Beautiful PirateBeautiful Pirate


Cake QueenCake Queen 

Boss Level Drops Respawn Time Location
Stone 1550 Pilot helmet, 10% probability 20 Minutes Port Town
Island Empress 1675 Serpent Bow, 10% probability 25 Minutes Hydra Island
Kilo Admiral 1750 Lei, 5-10% probability 30 Minutes Great Tree
Captain Elephant 1875 Twin Hooks 30 Minutes Floating Turtle
Beautiful Pirate 1950 Canvander 45 Minutes Floating Turtle
Longma 2000 Tushita 35 Minutes Castle On The Sea
Cake Queen 2175 Buddy Sword 30 Minutes Sea of Treats