Magma Admiral: Where to Find, Rewards and Strategies in Blox Fruits

In the thrilling and challenging universe of Blox Fruits, one of the most formidable enemies you’ll face is the Magma Admiral. This boss, reigning over the Magma Village region with its impressive level 350 power, is packed with surprises that will test your combat skills and strategy.

🌋Magma Admiral🌋
🔥 Boss Name Magma Admiral
⬆️ Level 350
🎁 Loot Refined Musket
🍀 Loot Probability 10%
❤️‍🔥 HP 12,000
👊 Damage 284
⏱️ Spawn Time 20 minutes

Magma Admiral_Min

Where to Find Magma Admiral in Blox Fruits

Since Update 1 of the game, the Magma Admiral has been an imposing figure within the Blox Fruits scene. This boss, with an astonishing total of 12,000 hit points (HP), is located inside the volcano, just a few blocks away from a coveted golden treasure chest. Once the Magma Admiral has been defeated, it will respawn every 20 minutes, giving players regular opportunities to prove their worth and, if they’re lucky, obtain the coveted Refined Musket.

Magma Admiral’s Combat Abilities

The Magma Admiral is a user of elemental fruits, meaning Aura must be used to deal damage through melee or sword attacks. It possesses two main moves: Magma Fist and Magma Column. The former is a powerful attack that launches a single magma fist, dealing decent damage and pushing the player if it hits. The latter, Magma Column, creates a rock barrier that prevents escape and deals high damage.

Magma Admiral’s Loot in Roblox Blox Fruits

One of the most exciting aspects of facing the Magma Admiral is the possibility of obtaining the Refined Musket, a powerful weapon that adds a significant advantage to your arsenal. However, acquiring this loot is quite a challenge, as there’s only a 10% chance of getting it after defeating this formidable boss.

Recommended Combat Strategies Against Magma Admiral

Although the Magma Admiral is a force to be reckoned with, players with the Magma fruit have a significant advantage when facing it. The boss’s location, in the middle of a lava pit, benefits Magma fruit users as they are immune to lava, while other players will take damage. Ranged attacks are effective against this boss due to its limited movements and powers. However, keep in mind that Rumble’s X move will not work in this battle due to the location inside the volcano.
In summary, the Magma Admiral is a challenging boss that offers exciting combat and the possibility of obtaining valuable loot. By preparing properly and employing effective strategies, you can emerge victorious in this epic showdown.