God of Thunder: Where He Is, Rewards and Strategy in Blox Fruits

Located in the second part of Upper Skylands, the imposing Thunder God stands out as a level 575 boss in the popular game Blox Fruits. With its powerful arsenal of abilities and the famous Pole as the main loot, this boss offers a unique and rewarding challenge for players.

Thunder God⚡
⚡️ Boss Name Thunder God
⬆️ Level 575
🗺️ Location Second part of Upper Skylands
💰 Mission Reward 20,000$ and 8,000,000 Exp.
⏱️ Spawn Time 30 minutes
🏆 Main Loot Item Pole (first form)

Thunder God_Min

Thunder God’s Abilities: Combat Strategies in Blox Fruits

The Thunder God uses the Rumble Blox fruit and has two primary attacks. His “Thunderous Dragon” is an explosive area of effect (AOE) attack that covers a wide range. Before launching this attack, he momentarily stops, giving players time to move away. His other attack, “Heavenly Thunder,” releases multiple lightning bolts from a cloud generated by the Thunder God himself. The telltale sign for this attack is his fists charged with electricity.

Mission Rewards: Loot from Thunder God in Roblox

By defeating this boss, you are rewarded with 20,000$ and 8,000,000 experience. However, the most coveted item is the first-form Pole, a powerful weapon with a drop probability between 1% and 2%. It’s important to mention that this boss does not drop the Tomoe Ring, which can be obtained for 500,000$ in the Sky Bandits’ location.
Do not underestimate the first-form Pole. If your goal is the second-form Pole, you need to have the first one. The Pole V2 is an exceptionally powerful sword and can be devastating in the hands of a skilled player. It’s especially useful for those with main fruits, as the sword can break Instinct and stun.

Remember, the Thunder God is faster than a player’s standard running speed, adding an extra element of challenge to the battle. With a solid strategy and good game management, facing this formidable Blox Fruits boss can be a rewarding and thrilling experience.

Tips for Facing the Thunder God in Blox Fruits

To damage the Thunder God, you’ll need Aura on your sword, fighting style, or gun. Approaching him when he charges his “Thunderous Dragon” attack reduces the chances of his attack hitting. But be cautious, if you get too close, you might get hit by his Pole V1.