Pole (1st Form) in Blox Fruits

Pole (1st Form)


The Pole (1st Form) sword in Blox Fruits, despite being more of a golden staff, is a legendary weapon that emits a faint electrical resonance. With its blunt appearance, it is carried on the user’s back when equipped, making it a notable presence in any confrontation.

Name Type Rarity Source Drop Chance
Pole Sword Legendary Thunder God 5%

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Pole (1st Form) Sword

Move Key Mastery Weapon Description
Explosive Cloud 80 PoleZ The user swings the pole in the air, releasing an invisible cloud from the top in the direction of their cursor. When the cloud reaches its maximum distance or collides with a surface, it causes an electrical explosion that inflicts considerable damage and temporarily stuns the enemy.
Thunder Shower 180 PoleX The user swings the pole in the air, creating a small cloud at their cursor. The cloud summons three lightning bolts that strike down on enemies below, causing considerable damage.

How to Obtain the Pole (1st Form) Sword in Blox Fruits?

Obtaining the Pole (1st Form) sword is based on a significant challenge, as it only has a 5% drop chance when defeating the Thunder God (Boss). This boss appears every 10 minutes in the open field next to the temple in Upper Skylands, in the First Sea. Defeating the Thunder God is a challenge in itself, making the acquisition of this sword a true victory.

Upgrading the Pole (1st Form) Sword in Blox Fruits

Players can upgrade the Pole (1st Form) sword by talking to the Blacksmith. This upgrading process enhances the combat ability of the sword, allowing players to take their game to the next level.

Grade Materials Effects
1 Radioactive Material 10 Scrap Metal 20 Angel Wings 10 +25% Damage

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Pole (1st Form) Sword in Blox Fruits

Added in Update 3, the Pole (1st Form) sword can be upgraded to its second form, the Pole (2nd Form). This upgrade is recommended, especially if you obtain Rumble, as the second form offers more stuns, can hit Rubber, and is ideal for any combo and setup combinations (whether you are a Fruit, Sword, or Gun Main). Additionally, you may consider using Rumble Awakened after obtaining the second form of the Pole.




Moderate stun effects Users of Rubber are immune to its effects
Decent damage output Limited area of effect for its moves
Low mastery requirements Slow basic attacks
Obtaining its V2 version is very difficult
Movements can be easily evaded by opponents
[Z] Explosive Cloud is highly dodgeable
[Z] Explosive Cloud has a significant delay in launching

Guide to the Pole (1st Form) Sword: Learning on Your Own

The Pole (1st Form) sword is more than just a sword in Blox Fruits. With its electrical vibration and imposing appearance, this weapon has a notable impact on the battlefield. Players who wield it show great skill and control, making it a powerful and coveted choice for those looking to dominate in Blox Fruits. Its ability to evolve into a superior form and the option of combining it with abilities like Rumble make this sword an integral component of a successful gameplay strategy.