Angel Wings in Blox Fruit

Within the exciting universe of Blox Fruits, players embark on a series of adventures, battling various enemies, and collecting all kinds of resources and materials. One of these essential materials is Angel Wings. This article will guide you through everything you need to know about this common material and how you can use it to enhance your gaming experience.


How to Obtain Angel Wings

Name Location
God’s Guard Upper Skylands
Shanda Upper Skylands
Royal Squad Upper Skylands
Royal Soldier Second area of the Upper Skylands
Wysper Upper Skylands
Thunder God Upper Skylands



  • Bisento – Scrap Metal 15, AngelWings 12, Magma Ore 10
  • Cutlass – Leather 5, AngelWings 5
  • Dual Katana – Leather 10, AngelWings 12
  • Iron Mace – Leather 10, AngelWings 10
  • Katana – Leather 5, AngelWings 5
  • Pole (1st Form) – Radioactive Material 10, Scrap Metal 20, AngelWings 10


  • Bizarre Rifle – Leather 20, AngelWings 10, Magma Ore 5
  • Refined Slingshot – Scrap Metal 10, AngelWings 10
  • Slingshot – Leather 5, AngelWings 5

Although common, Angel Wings play a crucial role in Blox Fruits. They can be obtained by defeating various specific enemies within the game, including God’s Guard, Shanda, Royal Squad, Royal Soldier, Wysper, and Thunder God. The fact that these materials are obtained from such powerful enemies speaks to their significance in the game.

One of the most exciting aspects of Blox Fruits is the opportunity to battle a variety of enemies. Players must plan and execute efficient strategies to overcome these adversaries. As you defeat them, you have the chance to obtain Angel Wings as a reward. In this way, each victory becomes even more rewarding.

However, obtaining Angel Wings is not just about defeating your enemies. It is also crucial to understand when and how to use this resource to gain the maximum advantage in the game. Although the specific applications of Angel Wings may vary with different Blox Fruits updates, their general use typically revolves around improving your abilities and unlocking new features within the game.

Therefore, having a sufficient amount of Angel Wings in your inventory can open doors to new opportunities and allow you to reach greater heights in your Blox Fruits adventure. Although this material is classified as “common,” its usefulness in the game is far from ordinary.

Last but not least, acquiring Angel Wings is not just a matter of gameplay; it is also a testament to your skill in Blox Fruits. By collecting Angel Wings, you are not only progressing in the game but also demonstrating your ability to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. This is one of the many reasons why Blox Fruits is loved by its community: it offers a challenging and rewarding gaming experience all at once.