Scrap Metal in Blox Fruit

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Scrap Metal in the Blox Fruits universe. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about this common yet essential resource, its uses, and how to obtain it. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the fascinating world of Blox Fruits.



  • Cursed Dual – Demonic Wisp 10, Mini Tusk 10, Scrap Metal 60
  • Dark Dagger – Dark Fragment 1, Dragon Scale 8, Scrap Metal 10
  • Dual-Headed Blade – Fish Tail 12, Scrap Metal 10
  • Hallow Scythe – Scrap Metal 25, Bones 800, Demonic Wisp 8
  • Gravity Cane – Meteorite 3, Scrap Metal 10
  • Jitte – Vampire Fang 10, Scrap Metal 15
  • Koko – Vampire Fang 10, Scrap Metal 15
  • Longsword – Radioactive Material 10, Scrap Metal 10
  • Midnight Blade – Scrap Metal 15, Ectoplasm 40
  • Pipe – Fish Tail 12, Scrap Metal 10
  • Pole (1st Form) – Radioactive Material 10, Scrap Metal 20
  • Pole (2nd Form) – Fish Tail 15, Mystic Droplet 10, Scrap Metal 12
  • Rengoku – Vampire Fang 8, Magma Ore 20, Scrap Metal 15
  • Saber – Radioactive Material 5, Scrap Metal 10, Magma Ore 10
  • Spikey Trident – Conjured Cocoa 8, Mystic Droplet 10, Scrap Metal 20
  • Trident – Scrap Metal 20, Magma Ore 12
  • Triple Katana – Scrap Metal 15, Leather 15


  • Refined Flintlock – Scrap Metal 10, Magma Ore 10
  • Refined Musket – Fish Tail 15, Scrap Metal 10
  • Refined Slingshot – Scrap Metal 10, Angel Wings 10
  • Serpent Bow – Meteorite 1, Vampire Fang 10, Scrap Metal 10

Scrap Metal, as the name suggests, is a common resource in Blox Fruits. However, its role in the game is of great importance. This material is primarily obtained by defeating various enemies in the game. Therefore, players must be prepared to face challenges and overcome obstacles to acquire Scrap Metal.

The beauty of Blox Fruits is that the game is not just about adventures and explorations. It is also about strategy and planning. When it comes to collecting Scrap Metal, players need to have an effective strategy to defeat their enemies and maximize the amount of Scrap Metal they can collect.

This means that players must constantly work on improving their skills and tactics. They must learn to identify enemies that can drop Scrap Metal and how to defeat them in the most efficient way possible. Additionally, players may need to form teams and collaborate with others to increase their chances of success.

Now, you might wonder, what can be done with Scrap Metal once collected? The exact answer to that question may vary, as the specific use of Scrap Metal can change with different game updates. However, in general, materials like Scrap Metal are often used in the game to enhance the character’s abilities, unlock new features, and perform various tasks within the game.

Therefore, although Scrap Metal is classified as a common material, its importance in the game cannot be underestimated. Players who can effectively collect and utilize this material will likely have a significant advantage in the game.

In summary, while Scrap Metal is a common material in Blox Fruits, its importance and utility should not be overlooked. By defeating various enemies and collecting this material, you can significantly improve your gaming experience and unlock new opportunities. So, no matter how much you play, always keep an eye on the Scrap Metal.