Fish Tails in Blox Fruit

In the thrilling world of Blox Fruits, players dive into seas and lands in search of exciting challenges, impressive battles, and valuable resources. One of these resources is Fish Tails, a rare but critically valuable material in the game. In this article, we will delve into the importance of Fish Tails in Blox Fruits, how to obtain them, and the role they play in enhancing your gaming experience.


How to Obtain Fish Tails

Name Location
Fishman Warrior Underwater City
Fishman Commando Underwater City
Fishman Lord Underwater City
Fishman Raider Floating Turtle
Fishman Captain Third Sea



  • Dual-Headed Blade FishTail 12 Scrap Metal 10
  • Pipe FishTail 12 Scrap Metal 10
  • Pole (2nd Form) FishTail 15 MysticDroplet 10 Scrap Metal 12
  • Twin Hooks FishTail 10 MiniTusk 8 Leather 20


  • Cannon FishTail 5 Magma Ore 5 Leather 5
  • Musket FishTail 5 Leather 5
  • Refined Musket FishTail 15 Scrap Metal 10

Fish Tails are an exceptional material that can be obtained by defeating various sea creatures in the game. Among them are the Fishman Warrior, Fishman Commando, Fishman Lord, Fishman Raider, and Fishman Captain. These enemies pose a formidable threat but also an opportunity to collect Fish Tails. This means that each Fish Tail you collect is not only a valuable resource but also a symbolic trophy of your feats on the battlefield.
Facing these powerful sea enemies, you acquire essential skills and prowess in the game. This makes each obtained Fish Tail not just a resource but also a measure of your abilities in Blox Fruits. Defeating these enemies requires strategy, skill, and perseverance. Therefore, each Fish Tail you obtain is a testament to your success in the game.

Beyond being a trophy of your battles, Fish Tails also have their utility. Although their use may vary with different updates and changes in the game, you can usually use them to improve your abilities, unlock new features, and make advancements. Stay tuned to the game updates to ensure you make the most of this resource.

Obtaining Fish Tails is also a way to engage in the Blox Fruits community. Sharing your battle experiences and tips on how to defeat these formidable sea enemies can help you connect with other players, form alliances, and improve your skills in the game.