Leather in Blox Fruit

The world of Blox Fruits is a universe full of adventures and challenges, where players have the opportunity to improve their skills, face enemies, and collect a variety of materials. One of those common yet essential materials is leather, or ‘Leather’, as it is known in the game. This article is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know about Leather in Blox Fruits.



  • Buddy Sword – Conjured Cocoa 8, Mystic Droplet 5, Leather 25
  • Canvander – Dragon Scale 6, Leather 20
  • Cutlass – Leather 5, Angel Wings 5
  • Dragon Trident – Dragon Scale 10, Leather 10
  • Dual Katana – Leather 10, Angel Wings 12
  • Iron Mace – Leather 10, Angel Wings 10
  • Katana – Leather 5, Angel Wings 5
  • Saddi – Mystic Droplet 8, Leather 10
  • Shark Saw – Leather 12
  • Shisui – Mystic Droplet 8, Leather 10
  • Soul Cane – Radioactive Material 5, Leather 20
  • Triple Katana – Scrap Metal 15, Leather 15
  • True Triple Katana – Dragon Scale 5, Mystic Droplet 20, Leather 50
  • Tushita – Leather 6, Mini Tusk 20
  • Twin Hooks – Fish Tail 10, Mini Tusk 8, Leather 20
  • Wando – Mystic Droplet 8, Leather 10
  • Warden’s Sword – Magma Ore 12, Leather 10
  • Yama – Leather 6, Mini Tusk 20


  • Acidum Rifle – Vampire Fang 8, Leather 10
  • Bizarre Rifle – Leather 20, Angel Wings 10, Magma Ore 5
  • Flintlock – Magma Ore 5, Leather 5
  • Musket – Fish Tail 5, Leather 5
  • Kabucha – Dragon Scale 15, Vampire Fang 3, Leather 50
  • Flintlock – Magma Ore 5, Leather 5
  • Slingshot – Leather 5, Angel Wings 5

Leather, despite being a common material, plays a fundamental role in Blox Fruits. As in many other games of this type, materials are essential for improving your character’s abilities, unlocking new functions, and carrying out a series of tasks within the game. But what makes Leather so special?

The interesting thing about Leather is that it can be obtained by defeating various enemies in the game. This implies that you will need to test yourself in battles to accumulate this material. These enemies can vary in strength and abilities, so you will need to prepare adequately before facing them. Each defeated enemy not only gives you the opportunity to obtain Leather but also allows you to improve your combat skills and strategies.

The fact that Leather is obtained in this way adds an additional dimension to the gaming experience in Blox Fruits. Not only do you have to focus on improving your skills and strategies, but you also have to be willing to confront enemies and overcome challenges. This adds an extra layer of strategy and planning to your gameplay, as you will need to balance your efforts between seeking Leather and improving your abilities.

But what can you do with Leather once you have it? While at the time of writing this article, the specific uses of Leather in Blox Fruits have not been specified, it is likely to play a role in enhancing abilities, crafting items, or unlocking new features or abilities. Therefore, we recommend that you collect as much Leather as you can during your adventures.

In summary, Leather is a common yet valuable resource in Blox Fruits. Although it is obtained by defeating various enemies in the game, its potential to improve your character is immense. Do not underestimate the value of this common material, as it may be the key to taking your game to the next level.