Wysper in Blox Fruits

Embark on a thrilling conquest in Blox Fruits to defeat Wysper, the formidable level 500 boss reigning over the Upper Skylands. Known for his deadly Bazooka, Wysper presents a unique challenge to even the most skilled players.

Location and Spawn Time: Tracking Down Wysper

Discover the exact location of Wysper in the Upper Skylands and learn about his spawn timing to plan your battle effectively.


🎖️ Boss Wysper
⬆️ Level 500
🎁 Reward Bazooka
⏱️ Respawn Time 20 minutes

Battle Tactics: How to Defeat Wysper

Uncover effective strategies to outmaneuver Wysper‘s formidable Bazooka attacks and learn how to use the terrain to your advantage for a victorious battle.

Understanding Wysper’s Moveset: Key to Victory

Gain insight into Wysper‘s attack patterns and learn how to anticipate and counter his powerful strikes for a successful engagement.

The Prize of Victory: Claiming the Bazooka

Learn about the coveted Bazooka reward, its impact on gameplay, and tips for increasing your chances of acquiring this powerful weapon from Wysper.

In conclusion, facing Wysper in Blox Fruits is a test of skill, strategy, and perseverance. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tactics provided here, and prepare to take on the challenge of defeating Wysper and claiming the Bazooka. Your adventure in the Upper Skylands awaits!In the vast sky of Blox Fruits, the formidable boss Wysper reigns in the Upper Skylands. As a level 500 adversary, Wysper challenges players with his powerful Bazooka, making him a sought-after opponent for those daring to confront him.

Strategy Guide for Battling Wysper

Defeating Wysper requires a tactical approach. A clever strategy is to position yourself on the lower half of a rock while ensuring Wysper remains stuck on the higher half. This positioning causes his bazooka shots to hit the rock, allowing you to safely use long-range attacks. Stunning Wysper with Ice or Dark and then landing hits can be an effective tactic as well.

Beware when Wysper stops moving, as this signals he’s about to unleash his bazooka. Quick reflexes and timely dodging are crucial to avoid the massive AOE damage from his attacks.

In summary, Wysper in Blox Fruits offers a unique and challenging battle experience. With careful planning, strategic positioning, and quick reflexes, you can defeat this formidable boss and potentially claim his powerful Bazooka. Ready to take on the challenge in the Upper Skylands?