Chief Guardian: Where to Find, Rewards and Strategy [Blox Fruits].

Blox Fruits is a vibrant game, full of adventures and thrilling battles. In this captivating world, one of the most challenging enemies is the Chief Warden. This powerful boss is a formidable threat to any player, but the loot you obtain by defeating it is well worth the effort. In this guide, we will focus on providing you with everything you need to know to defeat this boss and obtain the coveted Warden Sword.

⚔️Chief Warden⚔️
Chief Warden_Min

👹 Boss Name Chief Warden
⬆️ Level 230
🎁 Loot Warden Sword
📦 Loot Chance 5% to 10%
⏱️ Spawn Time Every 10 minutes

Where to Find Chief Warden in Blox Fruits

The Chief Warden is a level 230 Boss that appears every 10 minutes in the Prison. Its high-level rating means it’s a significant threat even to the most experienced players of Blox Fruits. Given its level, it requires strategy and solid skills to defeat. It’s important to note that you need to be at least level 225 to unlock the mission that leads you to face this boss.

Rewards of Chief Warden in Roblox

The Chief Warden has an enticing loot that includes the Warden Sword. This is a rare item, with a drop probability of 5% to 10%. The Warden Sword is not only a symbol of victory but can also significantly enhance your combat ability. In addition to the sword, by defeating the Chief Warden, you’ll receive 10,000 money and 1,000,000 Exp, making the battle well worth it.

Strategy to Defeat Chief Warden in Blox Fruits

Defeating the Chief Warden requires an effective strategy. This involves understanding the boss’s attack patterns, mastering your skills, and being aware of your surroundings during the battle. Keep in mind that the Chief Warden can unleash devastating attacks, so maintaining distance and dodging at the right moment can be the difference between victory and defeat.
In summary, the Chief Warden is a challenge that promises great rewards. By understanding its level, the loot it offers, and the right strategy to defeat it, you’ll have a better chance of winning the battle and obtaining the coveted Warden Sword. Remember, Blox Fruits is a game of skill and strategy, so each defeat is an opportunity to learn and improve for the next encounter. Good luck on your journey, and may victory be yours!