Bobby: Where to Find, Rewards, and Strategy in Blox Fruits

The rich and dynamic adventure of Blox Fruits is filled with intriguing characters and unforgettable challenges. Among them is Bobby, a formidable boss located in the mansion of Pirate Village. This article will provide you with a detailed guide on how to find and defeat Bobby.

🏴‍☠️ Name Bobby
⬆️ Level 55
🎁 Drops N/A
⏰ Spawn Time 9-10 minutes
📍 Location Top floor of the mansion in Pirate Village
🔍 Quest Defeat Bobby
🎁 Reward $8,000 and 35,000 Exp


Appearance of Bobby

With his distinctive attire, Poli is easy to recognize in the game. He wears white pants with a blue belt, a green and white striped shirt with a purple and blue collar, red gloves, golden shoulder pads, and a green pirate hat. His weapon of choice is the Cutlass, adding a touch of fear to his character.

Where to Find Bobby in Blox Fruits?

Poli can be found on the top floor of the mansion located in Pirate Village. Although his spawn time is a bit longer, at 9-10 minutes, it’s worth the wait. Each encounter with Poli is an opportunity to grow and learn new tactics.

Rewards for Defeating Poli in Roblox

Defeating Poli has its advantages. By defeating him, players are rewarded with a substantial $8,000 and 35,000 experience. These significant rewards serve as a powerful incentive to challenge and defeat Poli.

Battle Strategy Against Poli in Blox Fruits

The battle against Poli requires a unique strategy. His special ability, the Chop power, grants him immunity to all sword attacks, except those made with swords that are part of a Blox Fruits move set, such as ice or light swords. To defeat Poli, you must employ Blox Fruit, Gun, or Fighting Style attacks. This variety of tactics can provide an exciting and diversified gaming experience.
Blox Fruits is a game filled with challenges and interesting adversaries, and Poli is undoubtedly one of them. With his distinctive appearance, unique location, and special abilities, Poli provides a formidable challenge for any player. However, with the right strategy and determination, any player can defeat Poli and obtain the rewards he offers.