Pole (2nd Form) in Blox Fruits

Pole (2nd Form)

Pole 2

The Pole (2nd Form) sword in Blox Fruits, despite being a trident, has a distinctive and powerful identity that makes it stand out in the game world. This legendary sword has the impressive power to control lightning, making it the perfect choice for those seeking to control the skies. In this article, we will delve into the details that make the Pole (2nd Form) a brilliant addition to your arsenal in Blox Fruits.

Name Type Rarity Source Cost To Buy
Cutlass Sword Legendary Thunder God (NPC) 5,000 Fragments

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Pole (2nd Form) Sword

Abilities Z-Key: Hand of God X-Key: Electric Prison
Mastery 150 350
Weapon PoleV2Z PoleV2X
Description Unleashes three powerful lightning bolts from the staff towards the cursor direction, hitting nearby enemies with damage and stunning effects. Leaves glowing marks of blue lightning where the bolts impact. Conjures a small electric prison at the cursor’s position, captivating and stunning enemies within its bounds as it pulls them towards the center with its electromagnetic force.

How to Obtain the Pole (2nd Form) Sword in Blox Fruits?

The acquisition of the Pole (2nd Form) is a detailed process that requires patience and dedication. First, the player must obtain the Pole (1st Form) from the Thunder God (Boss) located in Upper Skylands in the First Sea and achieve 180+ mastery. Next, the user must acquire the Rumble Fruit and unlock and awaken all its moves, which requires 250+ mastery, 14,500 fragments, and completing five Rumble Raids. Finally, by completing a sixth Rumble Raid with the fully awakened Rumble Fruit equipped, the player will be teleported to a sky island where they can interact with Thunder God (NPC) and purchase the Pole (2nd Form) for 5,000 fragments.
The Pole (2nd Form) is a golden trident with blue tips and an intricate design just below the tips. When equipped, the trident is worn on the user’s back, adding an aura of authority and power to its bearer. The elegant and majestic form of the Pole (2nd Form) is simply irresistible.

Upgrading the Pole (2nd Form) Sword in Blox Fruits

Grade Materials Effects
1 FishTail 15, MysticDroplet 10, Scrap Metal 12 +8% Damage


Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Pole (2nd Form) Sword in Blox Fruits

Excellent stunning capabilities Difficult to acquire
Versatile for different playstyles Lack of mobility abilities
[Z] Hand of God can break Instinct Relatively rare to obtain (Pole Form 1)
[X] Electric Prison breaks Instinct High mastery requirement
Effective at stunning enemies Slow melee attack speed
Wide area of impact [Z] Hand of God requires a solid hit to break Instinct
Limited range
[X] Electric Prison has limited range and can be evaded


Changes and Updates of the Pole (2nd Form) Sword

The Pole (2nd Form) was added in Update 14 of Blox Fruits. It is the first sword that costs fragments and the second one that requires mastery in other weapons. It is also the third trident added to the game. Thunder God (NPC), who sells the Pole (2nd Form), can be found at the top of the Ice Castle (in the Second Sea) or at an unknown location (in the Third Sea).

Guide on the Pole (2nd Form) Sword: Learning by Yourself

The Pole (2nd Form) is not a common sword; it is a power tool that puts lightning control in the hands of the user. Although its acquisition requires a certain dedication, the result is a weapon of unparalleled power and beauty. If you’re looking for the next gem for your sword collection in Blox Fruits, the Pole (2nd Form) could be the perfect choice for you.