Longma in Blox Fruits


🎖️ Boss Longma
⬆️ Level 2000
💔 HP 80,000
⏱️ Respawn Time 35 minutes
🎁 Reward Tushita

Advanced Strategies for Battling Longma

Confronting Longma, a towering level 2000 boss in Blox Fruits, is a test of true skill and endurance. With 80,000 HP, Longma is not only one of the toughest bosses but also one of the most rewarding, offering the chance to obtain the legendary Tushita sword. To stand a chance against this behemoth, players must bring their A-game. Employing a mix of agility, powerful strikes, and smart use of abilities is key to whittling down Longma’s massive health pool. Understanding Longma’s attack patterns and reacting accordingly can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Maximizing Your Chances for the Tushita Drop

The coveted Tushita sword, dropped by Longma, is a prize that many aspire to but few obtain. With a challenging drop rate, players must strategize to increase their odds. Engage in repeated battles, and if possible, use in-game items or abilities that enhance drop rates. Collaborating with other players can also be a strategic approach, allowing for quicker battles and more frequent attempts at getting the drop.

Decoding Longma’s Attack Patterns

Longma’s attack patterns are both complex and lethal. To effectively combat this boss, pay close attention to his movements and attack cues. Learn to anticipate and dodge his most powerful attacks, and strike back during his recovery phases. Staying on your toes and adapting to his patterns will significantly increase your survival rate.

Longma represents one of the highest pinnacles of challenge in “Blox Fruits”. Equipped with the knowledge of his behaviors and the right strategies, you can engage in this epic battle with confidence. Remember, each attempt at defeating Longma brings you closer to mastering the fight and potentially claiming the legendary Tushita sword.