Castle on the Sea in the Third Sea by Blox Fruits

Castle on the Sea, a majestic floating castle, was introduced in Update 15 of Blox Fruits. Players can reach this castle by using the portals on Hydra Island and The Mansion, or by going through the pier. This castle is an iconic landmark in the game and offers numerous activities and rewards for players.

Castle on the sea

Where is Castle on the Sea in Blox Fruits?

Castle on the Sea in Blox Fruits is a grand and iconic floating castle introduced in Update 15. Accessible through portals on Hydra Island and The Mansion or via the pier, this floating fortress stands as a significant landmark in the game. It hosts numerous NPCs, offers a range of activities and challenges, and serves as a hub for various raids and encounters, making it an integral part of the Blox Fruits experience.

What level do you leave Castle on the Sea in Blox Fruits?

The level at which players leave Castle on the Sea is not explicitly mentioned, but it can be inferred that it caters to advanced players, given the challenging nature of activities like the Pirate Raid and the Raid Boss Rip_Indra. The castle’s role as a hub for various raids and access to advanced NPCs suggests that it is suitable for higher-level players who are prepared for intense combat and strategic gameplay. The specific level range may vary based on individual player progress and objectives within the game.

NPCs in Castle on the Sea

We show you all the NPCs of Castle on the Sea:

Set Spawn NPC
Luxury Boat Dealers (2)
Boat Dealers (2)
Elite Hunter
Player Hunter
Blox Fruits Remover
Mysterious Scientist
Aura Editor
All Second Sea Fighting Style NPCs
All First Sea Fighting Style NPCs

Missions and Enemies in Castle on the Sea

We show you all the Missions and Enemies of Castle on the Sea:

Pirate Raid on Castle on the Sea: Fighting the Pirate Invasion

Every hour and a quarter, players in Castle on the Sea can face an exciting pirate invasion. When they arrive, messages announcing the arrival and start of the raid appear on the screen. The pirates attacking the castle are of higher levels than usual, including Galley Pirates and Galley Captains. By defeating all the pirates, players are rewarded with 100 FragmentIcons, provided they have defeated at least one pirate.

Raid Boss Rip_Indra: A Mystical Challenge in Castle on the Sea

To summon Rip_Indra, the Raid Boss of Castle on the Sea, players must activate three Aura buttons, talk to the Elite Hunter, and obtain a Chalice of God. By doing this and placing the Chalice of God on a pedestal inside the castle, Rip_Indra will appear, and the entire map will be filled with mist. This event changes the name of the island from “Castle on the Sea” to “Battle of the Gods” and represents one of the most challenging and thrilling encounters in Blox Fruits.

Advanced and Normal Raids in Castle on the Sea

Players can participate in different types of raids in Castle on the Sea. These raids, available in the Third Sea, vary in difficulty and cost to initiate. Advanced raids require players to complete specific missions and pay with a Blox Fruit worth over 1,000,000 MoneyIcons or 1,000 FragmentIcons. On the other hand, normal raids can be attempted simply by paying any Blox Fruit or 100,000 MoneyIcons once every two hours to the Mysterious Scientist.

Other Highlights of Castle on the Sea

In addition to the raids, Castle on the Sea offers several unique features. There is a stone statue behind the castle representing mygame43/red_game43, the creator of Blox Fruits. Players can also talk to him to get information about the game’s history and tips on unlocking the Race Awakening Quest. Additionally, the Master of Auras can be found on the stairs leading to Tacomura, and there are portals inside the sub-castle that lead to Floating Turtle and Hydra Island.
In conclusion, Castle on the Sea in Blox Fruits is an exciting and challenging place with a wide variety of activities for players. From defending the castle against pirate invasions to facing powerful Raid Bosses, there is something for everyone in this impressive floating castle.