Venom Fruit in Blox Fruits


As an enthusiastic player of Blox Fruits, you are probably already familiar with the wide range of powerful fruits available in the game. However, today we are going to delve deep into one of the most powerful and coveted fruits: the Venom Fruit.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Venom Mythical Natural $3,000,000 2,450

What does the Venom Fruit do? Combos & Build

Name Key


Description Mastery
Poisonous Daggers The user unleashes a rain of deadly poisoned blades, similar to Dragon C, which are launched towards the enemy and all land simultaneously on the target. This creates an extensive Venom Miasma puddle on the ground. Holding down the Z key will shoot more blades. 1
Toxic Shot The user concentrates a powerful poison sphere around their hands. Releasing the key will simultaneously shoot three venomous rays, causing damage and generating a puddle that splits into three additional puddles. Those hit by this move will experience a brief distortion of their vision. (NOTE: This ability has aim assist/auto-aim) 100
Toxic Mist The user unleashes a deadly mist that completely surrounds them until its duration ends. This mist continuously damages the opponent at intervals (5-6 ticks) if they stay close to the Venom user. Interestingly, once the opponent is damaged by even just one tick of this move, or damaged until the mist dissipates, they will continue to take poison damage, implying that this move causes additional poison damage (3-4 ticks), similar to the X move. 200
Transformation The user accumulates an abundant amount of venom and transforms into a fearsome three-headed dragon. This transformation significantly enhances the damage of all their attacks and significantly increases poison damage (puddle). Additionally, this move grants the user 62.5% defense against all attacks and makes them immune to basic LMB attacks. 300
Wrath of the Snake The user is enveloped in a venomous emanation that takes the form of a long snake before taking flight. In this form, their movement speed is initially slow but accelerates as their health decreases. Those who come into contact with the snake will suffer continuous poison damage. When the F key is released, the user generates a small purple explosion that deals area damage. This form lasts for 30 seconds. Instead of charging directly at the enemy, you can maintain movement and fly around them. By doing so, you will inflict massive damage on the enemy, potentially reaching up to 50k. 50

Venom Fruit V2 Awakening Transformation

Name Key


Description Mastery
Poisonous Daggers The user releases a burst of toxic projectiles, but this time, the venomous shots take on a reddish tone, causing greater damage and having an extended hitbox and range. 1
Toxic Shot The user stores an abundant amount of venom. Releasing the key will simultaneously shoot three venom rays, causing damage and creating a puddle that splits into multiple parts. Additionally, the range of this move is also increased during the transformation. 100
Toxic Mist The user expels a dense cloud of venomous gas that envelops the player and causes considerable damage to those within its radius. Players affected by the damage and within the mist will be prevented from using their aerial jumps and performing evades or quick movements until they exit the cloud or it dissipates. 200
Transformation The user retracts the venom and returns to their human form. 300
Wrath of the Snake The user is enveloped in a venomous aura that takes the form of a giant snake before soaring into the sky. The snake is much larger and moves faster depending on the total damage you have received. Additionally, three smaller dragon heads rotate around the snake. When hitting a target or releasing the F key, the snake explodes, causing damage and leaving a venomous puddle if it’s close to the ground. The three heads also break free and head towards any nearby target, inflicting additional damage. It’s important to note that each head focuses on a single target, so if there is only one target near you, one head will attack it, and the other two will disappear after touching the ground. The dragon heads remain active for 10 seconds. It’s worth noting that, unlike the non-transformed version of this move, moving towards the enemy while using this ability will not apply the poison effect. 50

Venom Fruit Showcase

How to Obtain the Venom Fruit in Blox Fruits?

The Venom Fruit, with its unique ability to inflict considerable damage on opponents, has earned a prominent place in the current meta of the game.  The Venom Fruit is a strategic choice that deserves our full attention.

How much is the Venom Fruit in Blox Fruits? Price, Cost & Value

Ranked among the most expensive fruits, this fruit costs a whopping $3 million or 2,450 Robux. It is only surpassed by Control, Soul, Dragon, and Leopard.

Is Venom Fruit good in Blox Fruits? Worth

Highly effective in close-quarters combat and tight spaces, as well as in its original material. It stands out even compared to other fruits, as two of its moves work better at close range, and the venomous puddles that inflict damage over time are extremely powerful. Using Toxic Fog during the transformation restricts the mobility of the ability, allowing enemies to easily evade it (although its wide range makes it hit most of the time and provides 1 second of invulnerability).
The transformation provides highly enhanced attacks and 62.5% defense against attacks. It is difficult to obtain.
Effective in both aerial and ground combat. Requires a full Fury Meter to activate the transformation.
Venom’s passive ability can nullify Instinct dodges, making the enemy’s Instinct almost useless against Venom. Like Dragon, the Fury Meter takes 1 minute and 25 seconds to fully regenerate.
Venomous puddles remain on the ground for 10 seconds, providing enough time for the user’s cooldowns to regenerate while keeping the enemy under control. All moves have limited range.
Poison is used optimally during the Hydra transformation to maximize damage, but even without it, it can still decimate the enemy’s health. The projectiles are slow in their movement speed.
Its ability to inflict high damage without recoil makes it extremely useful for grinding, especially compared to other more expensive fruits.
Venom’s X ability, Noxious Shot, automatically targets the nearest enemy (it must be aimed in the direction where the enemy is).
During the Hydra transformation, no damage is received from basic LMB attacks from NPCs.
Inflicts the highest calculable damage of all fruits in the game (surpassing even Awakened Phoenix, Blizzard, and others that can inflict infinite damage).
The transformed venom flight is extremely useful for grinding, as after using it, the three directed heads launch towards the nearest enemies (one head towards each different enemy), allowing for easy enemy grouping and annihilation.
The lower your health when transforming, the faster your flight speed with the F movement.
The transformation reduces inflicted damage by 60% to 62.5% (similar to Dragon).
Both Noxious Shot (X move) and Toxic Mist (C move) have a wide area of effect, and both moves also inflict poison damage.
Noxious Shot has a very good hitbox.
Venom is a strong opponent of Dough v2, as it interrupts Dough’s barrage, preventing defeat in a mass combo, and preventing mass users from increasing the hitbox size by holding X.
The passive Fury drain of Venom has been significantly reduced, allowing players to stay in Hydra form for much longer.
All moves’ damage has been slightly improved since update 17.2.
Dealing damage to NPCs/players helps replenish the Fury Meter more quickly.

Where to find Venom fruit in Blox Fruits?

This natural treasure has a 1.2% chance of being available in each stock and a 1.01% chance of appearing in the game every hour, making it one of the most coveted and rare fruits. While its price and rarity may seem intimidating, the Venom Fruit is surprisingly effective for farming in the early seas. However, it’s important to note that high mastery levels can make it more challenging to use.

Venom’s abilities manifest in various ways. “Venom Mortal” deals enormous damage to any player or NPC within its attack range. On the other hand, the “Fury Meter” allows Venom users to transform into a monstrous three-headed Hydra. This transformation, however, requires a fully charged Fury Meter and depletes as you maintain it and use more abilities.

Changes and Updates to the Venom Fruit

With the 17.2 update, the passive Fury drain of Venom has been significantly reduced, which is undoubtedly a welcome improvement for users of this fruit. For even further optimization, we recommend using Ghoul v3, Fishman v2/3, or Human v3, as these characters offer various advantages that complement Venom’s abilities.

Is Venom worth Dough?

The value of Venom compared to Dough in Blox Fruits is a hot topic among players. While Dough offers resilience and unique combat tactics, Venom brings unparalleled area control and potent offensive abilities. Deciding if Venom is worth more depends on your gameplay needs for offense versus defense.

Which is better Buddha or Venom?

The choice between Buddha and Venom fruits involves a trade-off between Buddha’s defensive buffs and health benefits and Venom’s aggressive attack style. The better option is contingent on whether you prioritize survivability or offensive prowess in your Blox Fruits adventures.

Is Venom worth Spirit?

When comparing Venom with Spirit, consider that while Spirit is known for its speed and powerful ethereal attacks, Venom excels in causing chaos and damage over a wide area. Whether Venom is a worthy alternative to Spirit will depend on your preference for range and area damage over speed and targeted strikes.

Venom Fruit Logia Guide, Trades & Codes

Now, how can a beginner make the most of the Venom Fruit? While it may seem challenging at first, Venom is actually an S to S+ tier fruit, ideal for farming. Both the “Z” and “F” moves of Venom are especially effective in the early game. With a little practice and the right farming tactics, any Blox Fruits player can start harnessing the power of Venom to dominate the game.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and master the power of Venom in your next Blox Fruits adventure?