Magma Fruit in Blox Fruits


With an increasing number of players venturing into the world of Blox Fruits, it is essential to understand the best tactics, fruits, and features to enhance your gaming experience. One such fruit, of the Elemental type, that has caught the attention of many players is the Magma Fruit. With its ability to drastically change the game mechanics, the Magma Fruit has become invaluable for those seeking to master Blox Fruits.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Magma Rare Elemental $850,000 1300

What does Magma Fruit do in Blox Fruits? Abilities & Combo

Name Key


Description Mastery
Magma Applause
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The player manifests two hands that, after a brief delay, will clap each other and deal damage to any nearby enemies. The hand’s impact area is larger than it seems, considering their small size. 1
Magma Eruption
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The user unleashes an eruption beneath their feet. If an enemy is directly above, they will be launched into the air and take damage. Additionally, a pool of lava will form and persist for a few seconds, gradually damaging enemies who step on it. 1 to 3 lava puddles can be generated simultaneously. 45
Magma Fist
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The player conjures a powerful fireball that will be launched towards the direction indicated by the cursor. If it impacts the ground, it will explode, leaving a wide pool of lava that will remain for a few seconds. Magma Fist is a move very similar to the previous move, Magma Wolf. 95
Magma Meteors
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The player summons three “meteorites” that are launched in the direction indicated by the cursor. Upon impact with the ground, they explode into smaller fragments that create lava puddles, although these do not cause damage. Out of all the abilities that make up the Magma set, this one is likely the most devastating in terms of destructive power. 140
Magma Floor
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If used, the player will go down to the ground and create pools of lava that will last for approximately 1 second. Spinning can deal a lot of damage to the enemy because the lava pools accumulate on top of each other. Note that you can still take damage while using Magma Floor. Releasing the F key will make you jump off the ground, dealing damage and knocking down enemies if they are above you. 10

Magma Fruit V2 Awakening Showcase








Magma Rain
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The player unleashes a rain of fiery magma rocks that melt upon impact, dealing massive damage and leaving several magma puddles. This move can be launched into the sky, and the projectiles will subsequently fall to the ground. It has a cooldown time of 6.5 seconds. 1
Volcanic Assault
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The player propels themselves forward, spilling magma on the ground. If it hits an opponent, it will unleash multiple continuous explosions of scorching magma from their palm, culminating in a powerful final explosion that causes knockback and massive damage. This ability has a cooldown time of 10 seconds. 45
Great Magma Hound
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The player throws an imposing magma projectile in the shape of a wolf that deals massive damage and leaves magma pools in its impact area. This move has the ability to transport enemies or NPCs a certain distance and stun them for a short period of time (only affects players). It has a cooldown time of 12 seconds. 95
Volcanic Storm
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The player accumulates a large amount of scorching magma in their right hand, before throwing it all towards the cursor when all the magma hits a surface, causing a massive explosion of magma puddles while dealing extreme damage to anyone hit. The screen color of anyone near the explosion will change to a dark orange hue. This move is the most destructive and powerful in the entire game. Cooldown: 20s 140
Beast Ride
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The player creates a beast made of magma beneath them and sits on top of it, taking off similarly to Gravity’s Boulder Flight, leaving behind traces of burning magma. When you release F, the beast turns into lava pools that deal good damage upon contact. However, you can only fly for 30 seconds (because it causes damage, like Venom). Cooldown: 5s 10

How to Get the Magma Fruit in Blox Fruits? Cost & Price

The Magma Fruit is not an easy acquisition, but its cost is worth it. It can be purchased for $850,000 or 1,300 Robux at the Blox Fruit Dealer. It can also be obtained through Blox Fruit Gacha or by finding it under trees. The probability of it appearing in each stock is 10%, while the chances of finding it in the game every hour are 7.2%.

How good is the Magma Fruit in Blox Fruits?




This fruit is extremely versatile due to its numerous passives. Awakening Magma Z and V can be extremely difficult to execute outside of a combo or when the opponent is camping in the air.
It is highly effective for grinding due to the attacks leaving magma marks that function as lava, inflicting additional damage. Most moves have a considerable ending lag, meaning you can be punished if you fail to use them in player versus player (PvP) combat.
It possesses the highest damage in the game among all fruits when all the magma pool damage is applied. The hitboxes of the moves are small.
When awakened, magma has the same ability as the ice fruit: walking on water. However, the energy is consumed at a slower rate than with the ice fruit. The projectiles of the moves, both in their awakened and non-awakened version, are slow and have limited range, making them easy to dodge by the opponent.
It is an elemental Blox-type fruit with extremely high damage, making it one of the best options for grinding, although it loses to the Light fruit in the first sea and to Buddha in the second and third sea. It is not really effective for combos as the moves have very low stun and heavily rely on other supporting weapons.
It is immune to the lava present in Magma Village, Flame Raids, Hot and Cold Island, and Magma Raids (the magma in magma raids is considered lava). It is difficult to reach targets that are in the air.
It is one of the best fruits for low levels due to its high damage and elemental effect. Volcanic Assault is a single-target move and has an ending lag, which is unfavorable if you miss your shot.
With awakened magma, moves V and Z can eliminate NPCs if they stay in the magma pools. Magma Meteors and Magma Fist are the only non-awakened moves that are reliable as medium-range attacks (Magma X has range, although not as wide).
It is excellent for raids, grinding, boss fights, and facing sea beasts due to its extremely high damage and low cooldown times. You can still get hit while using Magma F (V1) if your level is not high enough to be immune to NPCs that don’t have Aura.
It is easy to obtain and its value is accessible in relation to its power.

How good is the magma fruit in Blox Fruit?

The Magma Fruit is known for its devastating area-of-effect attacks and overall destructive power, making it a formidable choice for players looking to enhance their combat effectiveness in Blox Fruits.

How rare is magma fruit in Blox Fruit?

As one of the more coveted fruits in the game, Magma Fruit boasts a rarity that makes it a prized possession among players. Its spawn rate is low, and acquiring it is often a matter of luck or dedicated searching.

Is magma fruit good in blox fruits?

Absolutely, Magma Fruit’s abilities provide a significant advantage in both PvP and PvE settings. Its powerful offensive skills can be a game-changer in various combat scenarios within Blox Fruits.

Can you fly with magma fruit?

While Magma Fruit does not inherently allow for flight, its explosive powers can be used creatively to propel oneself short distances, providing a semblance of flight or enhanced mobility in battle.

Is magma better than dark?

Comparing Magma to Dark Fruit in Blox Fruits is a common discussion point. While both have their strengths, Magma Fruit’s offensive might is often favored for its ability to deal heavy damage over wide areas, contrasting with Dark Fruit’s more tactical absorption and stealth-focused abilities.


How to get magma v2 blox fruits?

To upgrade to Magma V2, players must embark on a challenging journey, often requiring the completion of difficult quests or the attainment of specific in-game milestones. Keep an eye out for updates and guides on this advanced transformation within Blox Fruits.

Guide of Magma Fruit in Blox Fruits

If awakened to Magma, the user can passively walk on water without taking damage, making it one of the best fruits for defeating or hunting sea beasts. All moves cause damage, including the flight move (awakened magma). Using the magma meteors, it is important to aim in front of the opponent if they are approaching, as the projectiles are quite slow. With non-awakened magma, repeatedly using moves X or V (on yourself) can be an effective tactic to escape from a combo or NPC attacks.

Players who possess the Magma Fruit are immune to all physical attacks unless they are imbued with Aura or, in the case of NPCs, are higher level. However, there is a flaw: NPCs on the Magma Island will ignore this passive and still hit you. Magma Fruit users are also immune to lava puddles on Hot and Cold Islands, Magma Village, and Flame and Magma Raids.

The awakening order is Z, F, X, C, and V. It is possible to step on magma puddles in the ocean, which can be very useful when you run out of jumps. However, it is important to note that dying while using Magma Floor will keep the image in place where you died without causing damage, and Magma Floor visually deactivates Haki.

Tier List of Magma Fruit in Blox Fruits

The Magma Fruit has established itself as one of the most powerful and damaging fruits in Blox Fruits. Its ability to change the game rules, allowing users to walk on water and be immune to physical attacks, makes it a popular choice among players. However, while it is a powerful fruit, it also requires skill and strategy for effective use.

From its acquisition to its awakening, each step along the way with the Magma Fruit offers new opportunities and challenges. With time and practice, players can fully master this fruit, harnessing its incredible potential.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your gameplay experience in Blox Fruits, the Magma Fruit may be the answer you’re looking for. So go ahead, search for that fruit, and discover the amazing abilities it can offer. Happy gaming!