Bomb Fruit in Blox Fruits


When it comes to role-playing games in Roblox, Blox Fruits stands out among the crowd with its impressive range of unique powers and appealing characters. Among these peculiar and diverse abilities, one fruit, in particular, has managed to capture the attention of many players: the Bomb Blox Fruit.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Bomb Common Natural 80,000$ 220

What does the Bomb Fruit do? Attacks & Abilities

The evolution of the Bomb Blox Fruit took place during Update 17.3, where it underwent a complete overhaul. Prior to this update, many players often mocked the Bomb Blox Fruit, considering it one of the worst despite being rated as one of the best. At that time, this fruit was valued at only 5,000$ or 50 Robux at the Blox Fruit Dealer. However, after its revamp, its price increased, reflecting its improved status and enhanced capabilities.

Name Key


Description Mastery
Directed Bomb KIlo The player modifies their weight to 10,000 KG and charges forward to smash the ground, causing acceptable damage with a considerable area of effect. This ability bears similarity to the Superhuman’s X move, known as Thunder Roar. 1
Grab Bomb The user adjusts the weight of their lower limb and charges forward to impact the ground with force, triggering a powerful forward-expanding shockwave. 50
Land Mines Kilo The player adjusts their weight to 50,000 KG and then performs a ground pound, causing area damage and leaving targets stunned. 75
Explosive Leap Kilo The player gains lightness and elevates into the air using an umbrella. 25

Bomb Fruit Showcase

Bomba is one of the natural type Blox fruits that has undergone a notable evolution over time. Initially, its reputation among players was low. However, after a series of updates, this fruit has emerged as a powerful option to consider. Here you can see the Bomb Fruit Showcase:

Is Bomb Fruit good in Blox Fruits?




Bomb can outperform some fruits like Spike due to the good damage of its moves, despite having a lower cost. It lacks value in the market but is still a valuable fruit due to its regeneration ability.
It is fun to use to annoy other players. It is not effective in long-distance player versus player (PvP) encounters.
All its moves have an area of effect, and some of them can destroy objects in the environment. Its throwing moves are notably slower compared to other Blox fruits.
Its price is affordable for beginner players. The V move consumes your health.
The Z move has decent range. It is not ideal for mobility, although the X move allows you to move a bit.
The X move has the ability to break the opponent’s instinct. Its attacks are relatively easy to dodge.
It is recommended for beginners who do not possess a fruit.
The Z, C, and V moves deal increased damage if kept active.

Is Bomb Fruit good in Blox Fruits for Grinding?

The Bomb Fruit in Blox Fruits is considered a decent choice for players who are just starting out in the game, mainly due to its AoE (Area of Effect) attacks that can hit multiple enemies at once. This can be particularly useful for grinding against groups of NPCs, as the fruit’s explosive powers can clear out multiple targets quickly.

While the Bomb Fruit can be good for grinding, especially early on or when facing multiple lower-level enemies, its effectiveness might not scale as well as other fruits as the player’s level increases and as they face more challenging content. Players often look to upgrade to a fruit with higher damage output or one that provides an Awakening stage to improve their grinding efficiency later in the game.

How much does Bomb Fruit cost in Blox Fruits? Price & Value

The Bomb Blox Fruit, currently priced at 80,000$ or 220 Robux, is the preferred fruit of iconic characters such as Stone Boss, Sorcerer, and Factory Staff. These characters have showcased the inherent abilities of the Bomb Blox Fruit on multiple occasions, demonstrating its effectiveness in battle and versatility in various gameplay situations.

Combo, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Bomb Fruit

Despite its early history and perception, the Bomb Blox Fruit has proven to be an incredibly powerful tool in the Blox Fruits universe. This fruit grants its users the ability to produce and control explosions, a skill that can be devastating in the right hands. The combat techniques and strategies that can be adopted with this fruit are numerous, making it a tactical and versatile choice for players.

Changes and Updates to the Bomb Fruit

The Bomb Blox Fruit, with its diverse explosive abilities and combat dynamics, brings a unique element to the game. It is a testament to the creators of Blox Fruits’ ability to create engaging and challenging gameplay elements, encouraging players to explore and experiment with different abilities and tactics.

Bomb Fruit Tier List

In summary, the Bomb Fruit in Blox Fruits is not just a fruit but an essential part of the game that offers players a unique and exciting way to experience the world of Blox Fruits. With its evolution over time and increased popularity, this fruit has proven to be a valuable asset for any player, regardless of their skill level. So if you’re looking for explosive power to change your game, the Bomb Blox Fruit may be the perfect choice for you.