Pain Fruit in Blox Fruits


Blox Fruits, a popular game on the Roblox platform, has managed to capture the attention of millions of users with its intriguing variety of “fruits.” Among this range, one of the most intriguing is the “Pain ” fruit. In this article, we will explore the characteristics, value, and impact of Pain in Blox Fruits.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Pain Legendary Natural $2,300,000 2,200

What Does Pain Fruit Do? Skills, Abilities, and Showcase

Name Key


Description Mastery
Heavy Pain
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The player accumulates energy in a flaming strike and throws it forward to execute a powerful medium-range attack, causing strong knockback. It is similar to the Z move called Gravity. As the move progresses, its range increases. 1
Pain Barrage
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The character summons an aura of blue and yellow flames that allows them to restore their health in a specific area (it can also heal allies within that radius). However, this ability quickly consumes their energy. 25
Nuclear Pain
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The character pulls back their leg and propels themselves forward, executing a swift kick in the direction they are facing. This move has one of the shortest cooldown times among its uses. 50
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The character undergoes a complete metamorphosis, adopting the form of a blue and yellow-toned Phoenix. During this transformation, approximately 10 units of energy are consumed every 1.5 seconds. Additionally, there is an increase of around 15% in defensive capability. The only moves that deplete energy during this transformation are Transformation Flames and Regeneration abilities. 100
Self Repel
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This ability allows the user to navigate in a hybrid flight state, without consuming energy, as long as the player keeps the F key or the direction button on the Xbox controller pressed. During this state, the character acquires fire-yellow wings with blue outlines. 10

Pain Fruit Showcase & Skills

How to Obtain the Pain Fruit in Blox Fruits?

The Pain fruit, belonging to the natural type, has a price of $2,300,000 or 2,200 Robux at the Blox fruit dealer. This in-game item, although it may seem easily accessible, has a fairly limited appearance percentage, with only a 1.9% chance of appearing in stock and a 2.83% chance of being discovered under a tree in the game. Introduced in Update 7, Pain has been an intriguing component in Blox Fruits.

Significant damage. Requires solid aiming and anticipation skills.
Impressive in PvP and against bounty hunters if used correctly. All moves are difficult to connect in aerial combat.
The Torture ability blinds and briefly stuns an enemy, breaking their Instinct for a considerable period of time. Torture targets a single enemy.
It can be more effective than other fruits like Ice if you are not a fan of fruits, as Ice combos can be easily countered by Ken (unless they have Cyborg V3), while Torture makes combos impossible to counter by Ken. Pain marks are purely decorative.
The Self Repel ability has a very long range (approximately twice that of Spooky Step), which is very useful for escaping from other players’ combos in PvP. It actually has a longer range than all movement moves (except the three electric dashes). Requires a high level of mastery.
The Self Repel ability has a short cooldown and only consumes 20 energy, making it effective in PvP and for escaping one-hit combos. Not suitable for grinding.
It has incredibly high combo potential. Not recommended for beginners in PvP.
The Heavy Pain and Pain Barrage moves stun enemies (Heavy Pain only stuns if it hits the torso). Has little value in the trading realm.
Heavy Pain, Nuclear Pain, and Torture break Instinct (Heavy Pain works if it hits the ground and the player).
The moves are reasonably fast (except Nuclear Pain, which has a slightly longer startup time).
The Torture ability is excellent for breaking Instinct, as enemies receive continuous damage after being hit by the move. Some sword and weapon users exclusively use it for this reason.
Torture has a large area of effect; it sometimes hits even without being close to the opponent.
Nuclear Pain has a wide area of effect.
Works well regardless of stat distribution.
Pain Barrage is effective at depleting Instinct evasions.
All moves are multi-target (except Torture).
It has the longest range of all fruits in the game.

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Pain Fruit

Although Pain is not often seen in PvP games (Player vs. Player), its impact cannot be overlooked. The fruit boasts great combo potential and has a surprisingly wide range of action. This means it can be a game-changer in battles if used correctly.
Mainly, sword and weapon users often use Pain . However, its popularity has somewhat declined over time, as fruits like Awakened Ice, Awakened Darkness, and Awakened Rumble are considered more versatile and easier to use. Nevertheless, the preference for Pain still remains among some users, showcasing its value in the right circumstances.

Changes and Updates for the Pain Fruit

A fascinating feature of Pain is its stability. Despite its longevity in the game, the Blox Fruits developers have not changed the basic functionalities of this fruit, a feat shared only by a few other fruits like Barrier. However, this could soon change as a Pain fruit ‘awakening’ seems to be in progress.

Is Pain Good in Blox Fruits?

When players seek to enhance their prowess within the Blox Fruits universe, the Pain Fruit often emerges as a topic of interest. As a unique and potent addition to any player’s arsenal, the Pain Fruit stands out due to its exceptional abilities. This fruit’s power isn’t merely in its offensive capabilities; it also offers strategic advantages that can be pivotal in battle.

The Pain Fruit in Blox Fruits is a formidable choice for players who prioritize a balance between attack and defense. Its versatility is evident in various combat scenarios, making it a popular choice among top-tier players. With the Pain Fruit, you can inflict serious damage on adversaries while maneuvering with ease across the battlefield, showcasing its effectiveness.

To maximize the potential of the Pain Fruit, players must master its unique mechanics and timing. Those who do will find themselves wielding a powerful tool that can turn the tides of battle and secure victory. Thus, the consensus among the Blox Fruits community is clear: the Pain Fruit is indeed a valuable asset, provided it’s utilized by a skilled player.

Guide to the Pain Fruit in Blox Fruits

Pain ‘s abilities have undergone changes, albeit mostly in terms of nomenclature. Heavy Pain used to be called ‘Pressure Cannon,’ Pain Barrage was ‘Bear Shock,’ and Torture was ‘Hell Repulse.’
Despite its controversy, Pain stood out in the ‘Strawpoll fruit awakening’ of Update 14. Although Rumble received the highest number of votes, the inclusion of Pain showcases its importance to the Blox Fruits community.

Overall, the Pain fruit in Blox Fruits is a unique in-game item filled with possibilities, controversy, and potential. With long-range abilities and an interesting impact on PvP games, the Pain fruit is a component that all Blox Fruits players should consider at least once.