Quake Fruit in Blox Fruits


In the thrilling universe of Blox Fruits, there is an element that stands out for its power and exclusivity: the Quake fruit, also known as Temblor. With a 6% chance of availability and a 6.4% chance of appearing in the game, it is a coveted treasure among players for its excellent performance in PvP combat, bounty hunting, and boss battles. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about this game gem.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Quake Legendary Natural 1,000,000$ 1500

What Does Quake Fruit Do? Abilities, Skills & Showcase

Name Key


Description Mastery
Sismic Punch
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The player accumulates energy in a sphere and launches it into the air, dealing significant damage. Additionally, this move generates vibrations on the target’s screen and has a powerful knockback. However, the area of impact is relatively small, and its activation requires a brief time, making it challenging to accurately hit other players. 1
Sismic Wave
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The participant gathers energy in a charged sphere in their hand and throws it forcefully towards the target, creating a devastating impact. This move causes intense vibrations on the opponent’s screen. The sphere moves slowly and slightly pushes opponents. 50
Earthquake Eruption
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The participant wields two seismic spheres and smashes them against the ground, causing a significant amount of damage in a specific area. This move has a brief preparation before execution. 100
Double Tsunami
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The player unleashes their power against the environment. After a delay, two powerful tsunamis emerge from the sides, dealing significant damage to the target. 150

Quake Fruit V2 Combo & Attacks





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Fatal Demolisher
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The player draws the opponent towards their position, initially causing minimal damage, and then throws them away (similar to the “Shark Man Karate C” technique), dealing massive damage to the target. Additionally, this move causes intermittent flashes and vibrations on the screen. 1
Air Crusher
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The participant accumulates energy in a sphere and subsequently projects it towards the target in the form of an imposing spherical energy orb. This action causes considerably high damage and vibrations on the opponent’s screen. 50
Space Shockwave
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The player wields two energy spheres in their hands. Then, they generate a powerful shockwave that causes significant damage and a strong backward thrust. This move creates an intense shake for those within the attack’s area of effect. 100
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The player impacts the ground forcefully, leaving opponents stunned and causing damage while triggering four larger tsunamis, each coming from different directions (causing stun and vibrations). If this move is performed in the air, the player will quickly fall to the ground and then crush the surface. However, if the player cannot make contact with the ground (e.g., if they are over the sea), the tsunamis and ground impact will not manifest, making the move ineffective. 150

Quake Fruit Showcase & Tier

Is Quake fruit good in blox fruits?

The Quake Fruit stands out in Blox Fruits for its powerful shockwave attacks, which can be a game-changer in both PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment) battles. Its capacity to disrupt groups of enemies and deal massive area damage makes it a formidable choice for players seeking to dominate in combat.

Is Quake better than light for grinding?

While the Quake Fruit is excellent for dealing with multiple foes, the Light Fruit is often preferred for grinding due to its faster attack speed and movement abilities, which allow for quick navigation and efficient farming.

How rare is Quake fruit in Blox Fruits?

In the world of Blox Fruits, the Quake Fruit is a rare find indeed. It is categorized as a Legendary fruit, which means it has a lower spawn rate compared to common and uncommon fruits, making it a prized possession among players.

Is Quake better than Buddha?

Choosing between the Quake and Buddha Fruit depends on your play style. The Quake Fruit offers powerful offensive capabilities, while the Buddha Fruit provides a significant defensive boost and transformation ability. For offensive tactics, Quake often holds the advantage.

How to Get the Quake Fruit in Blox Fruits?

The Quake fruit is a Natural type Blox fruit, with a cost of 1,000,000 $ or 1,500 Robux to buy from the Blox fruit dealer. It can be easily recognized as part of the select group of 13 fruits that have a shine in their physical form.




High damage potential. The tsunamis generated by Dual Tsunami and Seaquake do not reach high heights and can be easily avoided through high-speed movements like Superhuman Z or C, flying abilities like the angel race, or upward flight movements like light flight.
Most moves generate powerful knockback. Mobility is limited, as there are no specific movement abilities.
Wide area of impact. Most moves have primarily short range.
Ideal for performing combos due to its chaining capability. The initial combos of Awakened Z and Awakened V are effective. Fatal Demolisher focuses on a single target, making it effective in individual battles (1v1) but not as effective when facing teams of opponents.
Each move interrupts Instinct (special state of opponents). Unawakened moves do as well. It is difficult to use them in water unless you have access to specific enhancements like Shark V2/V3/V4.
Easy to use. Raiding with Quake can be challenging due to the damage inflicted by NPCs and the boss. It is recommended to raid in groups with other players.
Requires intermediate skill level to master the techniques. Sismic moves cause screen shakes while in use, which can cause delays or distractions unless you have a high-quality device.
Awakened Z provides damage immunity when hitting a target, making it very useful in individual battles (1v1). It is also effective in team battles (2v2) as your teammate can take advantage of Quake Z and continue attacking the enemy in a combo. Unawakened Quake Z and C moves have limited range.
Large area of effect and knockback (especially in awakened mode, C move). Knockback reduces its effectiveness in continuous grinding situations.
Acceptable for resource gathering (not bad due to its wide range and damage). Spatial Shockwave requires preparation time before execution.
Highly effective in raids (great damage and massive area of effect). Unawakened Quake X move is slow and hard to connect in player vs. player (PvP) combat.
The cooldown time of Awakened V has been significantly reduced as of Update 15. Using Unawakened Quake moves comes with long delays, leaving you vulnerable.
Awakened and Unawakened V moves cannot be used on high islands like Skylands (although Awakened Quake can still have impact effect, tsunamis won’t reach the target).
Awakened Z move cannot reach Sea Kings.


Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Quake Fruit

One of the most interesting aspects of the Quake fruit is its connection to the raid boss Greybeard. This formidable adversary appears in the Marine Fortress in First Sea every six hours, and the fruit is a key element in his arsenal. Thanks to its power and range, Quake is particularly effective in raids, especially due to its V move, which causes massive damage and has a wide area of effect, both in awakened and unawakened versions.

Although it is a Natural type fruit, it is not considered optimal for grinding. However, with practice and getting used to it, it can be quite useful for farming, given its wide area of effect and damage capability.

In the pantheon of Blox Fruits, the Quake fruit is one of the 12 fruits that can be awakened. Awakening this fruit requires a total of 17,000, which is one of the highest costs for awakening. But the effort is worth it: it is widely recognized as one of the best fruits in the game once awakened, with notable effectiveness in PvP combat and boss fights.

Changes and Updates to the Quake Fruit

Awakening this fruit is a process that began with Update 11, which also brought the Ice and Flame fruits. This change increased its utility as awakened Quake fruit has the ability to stun the boss with two of its abilities.

The Quake fruit, originally called Temblor, is the only fruit that awakens with only 4 moves instead of 5 and the only one that does not have an F move. In the game’s symbolism, the sword that represents this fruit is the Bisento.

Blox fruit quake awakening cost

To fully awaken the potential of the Quake Fruit, players must invest a substantial amount of in-game currency. The awakening process enhances its abilities, making it even more devastating in combat scenarios.

Is quake fruit good for grinding in blox fruits

While the Quake Fruit is not the top pick for grinding due to its slower attack speed compared to some other fruits, its area control abilities can still make it a viable option, especially when dealing with large groups of enemies or when strategic play is possible.

Guide to the Quake Fruit in Blox Fruits Awakening & Rank

Awakening the Quake fruit is a challenge that requires a considerable investment. However, the reward is equally notable. Once awakened, the Quake fruit becomes one of the best weapons available in Blox Fruits, with abilities that can radically change the course of a battle. From stunning the boss to unleashing powerful tsunamis, the awakened Quake fruit is a force to be reckoned with.

Finally, the Quake fruit is a testament to the richness and depth of Blox Fruits. More than just a game element, it is an example of how developers have built a game world with its own rules, stories, and challenges. As such, every detail about the Quake fruit is not just a piece of useful information for the game but an integral part of the Blox Fruits experience.

In conclusion, if you seek to master the art of combat, bounty hunting, or raid challenges, the Quake fruit can be your best ally. Remember, its true potential lies in the hands of those who are willing to dedicate the time and resources to awaken and master it. Get ready to shake the universe of Blox Fruits with the Quake fruit!