Smoke Fruit in Blox Fruits


In the exciting world of Blox Fruits, your fruit choice can determine your performance and experience in the game. One fruit that has managed to capture players’ attention due to its potential and affordability is the Smoke Fruit, also known as “Smoke.” Although it is one of the cheaper options, don’t underestimate its value as it can surprise you with its performance and unique abilities.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Smoke Common Elemental 100,000$ 250

What Does Smoke Fruit do in Blox Fruits? Abilities, Attacks & Combo

When it comes to combined potential, the Smoke Fruit is a fantastic choice. All of its moves, with the exception of Smoke Slam, are impressively powerful. This makes it a great grinding choice, allowing you to progress effectively in the game.

Name Key


Description Mastery
Smoke Punch The user transforms their hand into a smoke substance and impacts it against the ground. 1
Smoke Explosion The user shoots out a cloud of smoke that, upon impact, leaves a smoke effect that slashes the enemy multiple times. 20
Smoke Release The user throws out a Smoke Tornado with decent AOE. 50
Smoke Bomber The user turns into smoke, gaining the ability to fly. If continuously used above mobs and NPCs, this move can deal infinite damage as its use has no limit. 10

Smoke Fruit Showcase

Here you can see a gameplay showcase with the Smoke Fruit:

How to Get the Smoke Fruit in Blox Fruits? Price & Value

The Smoke Fruit is an Elemental-type Blox fruit, and it is priced at 100,000$ or 250 Robux at the Blox Fruits fruit dealer. Acquiring this fruit is random from the Blox Fruits Premium Dealer, with a 25% chance of availability and a 13% chance of appearance in the game. It is a cost-effective and versatile choice for players looking to explore the game without investing too much.

Is Smoke Fruit good in Blox Fruits?




Provides elemental immunity. The range is not as impressive compared to other fruits.
Surprisingly effective for bounty hunting and performing combos. Like all fruits, it is vulnerable to water, except for Ice/Magma V2 (unless you have Shark V2/V3).
Its damage is very high compared to other fruits offering similar rewards.
The [X] and [C] moves have decent stun.
It is amazing for executing combos, especially when combined with Electric Claw.
The Smoke Bomber move is extremely efficient for quickly advancing in the early game and only requires a mastery of 10.
Requires low energy consumption.
The mastery requirements are low, making it easy to obtain the other moves.
Being an Elemental-type fruit, it is an excellent choice for starting off.
It has an affordable price and is available quite frequently.
It is one of the best fruits for leveling up (even at low levels, though it is also effective at higher levels).
The Smoke Fist [Z] move breaks the opponent’s instinct.
Possesses flying abilities, like most other Elemental-type fruits.
Given its affordable cost, it is an excellent choice for quickly leveling up.

Is Smoke Fruit good for Grinding?

The Smoke Fruit is a Logia type, which grants players intangibility against non-Haki and non-Sea Prism stone users, increasing survivability. It has decent AoE attacks and mobility, which can be useful for grinding. However, it may not be as efficient as some other fruits for grinding because its damage output is generally lower compared to top-tier fruits.

Smoke Fruit Awakening: How to Awaken?

What’s interesting about the Smoke Fruit is that it is one of the two Elemental-type fruits that do not have an awakening, with the other being Blizzard. Despite being one of the more affordable fruits, its damage output is quite decent. The F move can generate high damage if held for a good amount of time, making it a consideration for duels and battles.

Changes and Updates to the Smoke Fruit

It’s worth noting that the Smoke Fruit was the first Elemental-type fruit to not have an awakening, followed by Blizzard. Starting from Update 17, Part 3, it is the most affordable Elemental-type fruit. Additionally, it is notably larger than most fruits in its physical form.

Guide on the Smoke Fruit in Blox Fruits

The Smoke Fruit was revamped in Update 17, Part 3. In its skill set, this fruit is one of the 5 fruits that only have three attack moves, excluding Smoke Bomber. Since Smoke Bomber is infinite, it is a valuable grinding tool and is arguably the best move in the Smoke move set. Furthermore, it is the first fruit (the second being Blizzard) that has a flying move that deals damage and can be used infinitely, unlike Magma F (awakened) and Venom F.

Is Smoke Fruit better than Light Fruit?

The Light Fruit is one of the best fruits for grinding due to its high speed and powerful attacks. It allows for rapid movement across the map and has high damage AoE attacks. In terms of grinding efficiency and speed, the Light Fruit typically outperforms the Smoke Fruit.

Is Smoke Fruit better than Rubber Fruit?

The Rubber Fruit, especially once awakened, can be very powerful and offers a significant amount of knockback resistance. The comparison depends on the context. For example, Rubber might be more suited for PvP due to its resistance to knockback, while Smoke might offer better mobility and escape mechanisms.

Is Smoke Fruit better than Ice Fruit?

The Ice Fruit is also a Logia type and provides intangibility as well as crowd control abilities through freezing opponents. Ice can be more advantageous in both grinding and PvP due to its crowd control capabilities and the defensive advantage of being a Logia type.

Smoke Fruit Tier List

In summary, the Smoke Fruit in Blox Fruits represents a choice that combines effectiveness, potential, and affordability. Its skill set and potential make this fruit a consideration despite its low cost. If you’re looking to explore the world of Blox Fruits in a cost-effective yet effective way, the Smoke Fruit may be the perfect choice for you.