Phoenix Fruit in Blox Fruits


In the vast universe of the video game Blox Fruits, Phoenix presents itself as a fascinating and potentially powerful choice for players. As a Beast-type fruit, it has the ability to change the dynamics of the game if used correctly. Here is a comprehensive analysis of the Phoenix fruit, how to awaken it, its unique abilities, and its strategic potential in the game.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Phoenix Legendary Natural 1,800,000$ 2,000

What does Phoenix Fruit do? PVP, Stats & Build

Name Key


Description Mastery
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The player gathers energy in a flaming punch and throws it forward to execute a powerful medium-range attack that causes strong knockback. It is similar to the Z move called Gravity. As the move progresses, its range increases. 1
Regeneration Flames
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The character summons an aura of blue and yellow flames that allow them to restore their health in a specific area (it can also heal allies within that radius). However, this ability quickly consumes their energy. 25
Swift Kick
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The character pulls back their leg and propels themselves forward, delivering a swift kick in the direction they are facing. This move has one of the shortest cooldowns between its uses. 50
Full Transformation
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The character undergoes a complete metamorphosis, adopting the form of a Phoenix with blue and yellow tones. During this transformation, approximately 10 energy units are consumed every 1.5 seconds. Additionally, a roughly 15% increase in defensive capacity is gained. The only moves that deplete energy during this transformation are the Transformation Flames and Regeneration abilities. 100
Hybrid Flight
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This ability allows the user to navigate in a hybrid flight state without consuming energy as long as the player holds down the F key or the directional button on the Xbox controller. During this state, the character acquires fire-yellow wings with blue outlines. 10

Phoenix Fruit V2: Awakening & Phoenix Full Transformation

Name (V2) Key (V2)



Mastery (V2)
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The character propels themselves forward following the cursor’s direction, causing a slight stun to enemies and creating an explosion at the end of the dash. This move inflicts moderate damage, approximately 2000 points. 0
Incineration Cannon
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The character rapidly releases a burst of flames in the cursor’s direction, which explodes upon contact. These flames can leave trails on the ground, causing continuous burn damage. Overall, this attack deals approximately 3000 to 3750 points of damage. During the transformation, this ability shoots three projectiles of blue fire, leaving three trails of blue flames. If close enough to enemies, all three projectiles can hit the same target and cause significant damage. 1
Blue Flames
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The character envelops themselves in a gigantic protective bubble, healing themselves based on the duration of the move. The bubble also acts as a barrier that will damage and repel any nearby objects. During the transformation, the bubble increases in size and could potentially cause additional damage. However, there is an exception for players who are allies of the main character, as they will also receive healing along with the character. 90
Flaming Exodus
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The character propels themselves forward in a flame fissure. If they make contact with an enemy, they lift them up using a spell that creates a tornado of phoenix flames. They then forcefully throw the enemy to the ground, causing explosive damage and leaving flames on the ground that inflict continuous damage. Overall, this move inflicts almost 5000 points of damage to a non-player character. Approximately 3000 points of damage for each player, including burn damage. 160
Fiery Plumage
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The character undergoes a complete transformation, adopting the form of a Phoenix with blue and yellow tones, enhancing their abilities. Passively, this ability consumes 10 energy per second. Although the exact amount is unknown, this ability provides damage reduction and possibly other advantages. Additionally, during the transformation, passive flight is possible but limited to using only their fruit as a weapon, unable to use any other abilities. Once activated, this ability leaves a point of Blue Flame on the ground, dealing surprisingly high damage. 250
Rapid Flight
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The character gains the ability to fly freely using the movement keys and is not limited by the cursor’s direction. During this ability, energy regeneration comes to a complete halt. If the character remains still in the air, the wings will unleash a rain of blue and yellow flames, causing continuous damage in small doses. Unlike other transformation abilities, pressing the F key in this form will propel the character forward and perform several slashes on the enemy before launching them with a small explosion. Overall, this attack can inflict around 3000 points of damage (although it can be dodged). 30

Phoenix Fruit Showcase

How to Get the Phoenix Fruit in Blox Fruits? Price & Value

Phoenix, also formally known as “Bird: Phoenix,” is a high-cost but high-performance option in Blox Fruits. You can acquire it for $1,800,000 or 2,000 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer. But don’t be deceived by its high cost; Phoenix requires the highest amount of fragments to fully awaken among all available fruits, sharing this honor with Dough.

Is Phoenix Fruit Good in Blox Fruits? Worth?




In both version 1 and version 2, the character is resilient and difficult to defeat due to the Regeneration Flames (or Blue Flames) used throughout the body, which have the ability to heal the player even more effectively than Celestial Blood. This provides a great advantage in terms of survival capability. In both version 1 and version 2, when the player fully transforms, the ability starts draining more energy as they move. If the player exits the transformed form, they are likely to have low energy or health, making it difficult to escape from opponents. However, this can be mitigated by using the Cyborg race.
In both version 1 and version 2, this fruit is extremely useful as support during boss battles or raids since it has the ability to heal team members. It is a valuable option for those who do not possess fruits as their main ability, due to its quick healing capacity and the possibility of healing other teammates. Overall, it is an excellent choice for support roles and for those who want to excel in healing during team battles. (V1) This fruit has only two genuine attack abilities.
In version 2, the rapid flight ability gives you a significant advantage over players using fruits with limited ground abilities, as you can perform attacks while in the air. This provides a great strategic superiority by being able to attack from a higher position and easily avoid melee attacks from opponents. (V2) To awaken this fruit, you need to earn 400 dominions and 1000 fragments, or a fruit worth over 1 million. It is by far one of the most difficult fruits to awaken, with “Dough” being the first.
In both version 1 and version 2, this ability is ideal for bounty hunting, as it allows the player to escape and heal to avoid losing their bounty or honor. By being able to heal and fly quickly, the player can stay on the move and evade pursuers, giving them a valuable advantage to survive and maintain their reputation intact. (V1) It is not very suitable for grinding as it is a Beast fruit and not an Elemental fruit. Additionally, the C ability only affects one target at a time.
In version 2, the “Phoenix Awakened Tap” can be used as a second special ability (third ability in Full Body). (V2) The X move is not practical to be used as an offensive attack in PvP.
In version 2, the moves have an extremely short cooldown time, allowing them to be used continuously and repetitively, a practice known as “spam”. The recoil of this fruit hinders its efficient use in grinding.
(V2) Once unlocked, this fruit becomes one of the most resilient in the game, thanks to its damage reduction and the X move, which knocks down any player attempting to attack while the user heals. However, long-range attacks can counter this. (V1) It lacks stunning moves, making it a below-average support fruit for main weapons and swords. This only applies to version 1.
(Both version 1 and version 2) This fruit provides immunity to stun in certain cases, which is beneficial in player vs. player (PvP) situations. Additionally, its V move (Awakened) deals significant damage when transformed. (V1) It is one of the worst fruits for performing combos due to the lack of stunning moves and its lack of consistency with other abilities. This only applies to version 1.
(V2) There is no need to hold the fast flight key (F) to continue flying, which is convenient and prevents finger fatigue. (V2) The Tap ability has a bug where the explosion does not reach the enemy.
(Both version 1 and version 2) The fruit drains energy slowly. In its full form, it can last for 7 to 8 minutes with the melee stat maxed out. The transformation duration is longer than that of the Dragon form unless you are attacking. (V2) The F move in transformed form is difficult to reach when in water unless you are using the Shark character in its V2 or V3 version.
(Both version 1 and version 2) The Z move of Phoenix (in non-transformed form) can break Ken Haki. Both the Z and C moves (in transformed form) of Phoenix can break Instinct. (V2) Recently, this fruit has been considerably nerfed, with damage reduction in all its moves, adding final delay to some of them, reducing the passive defense in phoenix form from 30% to 15%, and reducing phoenix healing speed by 33% instead of 50%, among other adjustments.
(Both version 1 and version 2) This fruit is useful in raids, as it can play a support role due to its healing abilities. Flight consumes 100 energy.
(V2) The attacks of this fruit have a relatively wide area of effect (AOE) and cause significant damage.
(V2) The Z move is an instant attack that can break Ken, making it a powerful move in PvP (the same applies in transformed form).

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Phoenix Fruit

The Awakened version of Phoenix is one of the few fruits with an M1 mechanic, sharing this trait with Ice, Light, Rubber, and Dough. In fact, Phoenix is the second Beast-type fruit to awaken, with the first being Human: Buddha.

Phoenix also stands out for its infinite damage and infinite flight in Swift Flight, allowing you to attack enemies from the air, a perfect tactic for farming money and mastery. Additionally, it is the only fruit in the game that possesses a ranged M1 attack so far.

How much is it to awaken Phoenix?

Awakening the Phoenix Fruit is a powerful upgrade for players in Blox Fruits. The cost to awaken this formidable fruit involves both in-game currency and the completion of a challenging quest. Players must be prepared to invest a significant amount of Blox Fruits currency and demonstrate their skills to unlock the full potential of the Phoenix Fruit.

Is Phoenix better than Venom?

Comparing Phoenix and Venom in Blox Fruits often comes down to player preference and playstyle. The Phoenix Fruit offers remarkable healing capabilities and the power of flight, making it a versatile choice for both defensive and explorative strategies. Meanwhile, the Venom Fruit is known for its potent offensive abilities. Each fruit has its advantages, and the better choice is subjective to how a player wants to engage in the game.

Is Phoenix Good for Grinding in Blox Fruits?

The Phoenix Fruit is considered one of the top choices for grinding in Blox Fruits. Its ability to heal the user continuously makes it exceptionally sustainable for long grinding sessions. Moreover, its AoE (Area of Effect) attacks provide efficient means to deal with multiple enemies at once. Players looking for an effective way to grind will find the Phoenix Fruit to be a worthy option.

Changes and Updates to the Phoenix Fruit

Awakening the Phoenix fruit is a unique challenge. Unlike other fruits, simply buying a chip from the mysterious scientist is not enough. You must earn over 400 dominions in Phoenix and speak to Sick Scientist, who resides in the Sea of Treats. The Phoenix raid chip is sold for 1,000 or a physical fruit worth 1,000,000 or more. However, you can still participate in other players’ Phoenix raids and awaken the fruit before reaching 400 dominions.

Guide & Tier of Phoenix Fruit in Blox Fruits

Phoenix was the first Bird-type fruit to be added to the game, followed by Falcon. The fruit was renamed from Bird: Phoenix to Phoenix after The Valentine’s Event, and interestingly, the fruit’s icon in your inventory is a different model from the actual physical fruit.

In conclusion, the Phoenix fruit in Blox Fruits can be costly and requires a large number of fragments to awaken, but with its potential for infinite damage and flight, it can be a powerful gameplay choice. Whether you’re looking for a new fruit to experiment with or want to challenge the game’s mode, Phoenix could be your next great choice in Blox Fruits.