Blizzard Fruit in Blox Fruits


Blizzard Fruit in Blox Fruits is not just an in-game item; it’s a game within itself. Known for its legendary status and unmatched elemental abilities, this fruit can take your gaming experience to astronomical levels, only if you know how to use it correctly. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about the Blizzard Fruit and how to master the game with its powers.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Blizzard Legendary Elemental $1,800,000 2,250

What Blizzard Fruit do? PvP, Combo & Trade Value

Name Key


Description Mastery
Snowflake Shuriken
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The player accumulates energy in a flaming strike and throws it forward to execute a powerful mid-range attack, causing significant knockback. It is similar to the Z move called Gravity. As the move progresses, its range increases. 1
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The character summons an aura of blue and yellow flames that allow it to restore health within a specific area (it can also heal allies within that radius). However, this ability quickly consumes its energy. 25
Howling Wind
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The character draws back its leg and propels itself forward, executing a swift kick in the direction it’s facing. This move has one of the shortest cooldowns among its uses. 50
Blizzard Domain
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The character undergoes a complete metamorphosis, taking on the form of a blue and yellow-toned Phoenix. During this transformation, approximately 10 units of energy are consumed every 1.5 seconds. Additionally, there is around a 15% increase in defensive capability. The only moves that deplete energy during this transformation are Transformation Flames and Regeneration abilities. 100
Tornado Flight
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This ability allows the user to move in a hybrid flight state without consuming energy, as long as the player keeps the F key or the direction button on the Xbox controller pressed. During this state, the character gains fire-yellow wings with blue outlines. 10

Blizzard Fruit Showcase

The Blizzard Fruit in Blox Fruits stands out with its impressive display of elemental powers. This fruit is yet to offer an awakening, but its current abilities provide a strategic edge in combat, making it a coveted choice for many players.

Is Blizzard Fruit Good in Blox fruits Tier & Worth?

Yes, the Blizzard Fruit is highly regarded in the Blox Fruits tier system. Its rarity and the range of abilities it offers make it a worthy investment for players looking to enhance their combat effectiveness, especially in PvP scenarios.

Is Blizzard Fruit Mythical? Trade & Price

While not classified as mythical, the Blizzard Fruit carries a legendary status due to its elemental nature and the significant impact it has in-game. Its trade value is substantial, often commanding high prices in both in-game currency and Robux.

What is Better Blizzard or Dragon?

Choosing between Blizzard and Dragon fruits depends on your play style. Blizzard excels in area control and stuns, while Dragon is known for its raw power and destruction. Each has unique benefits that serve different strategies.

Is Blizzard a Logia?

No, Blizzard is not categorized as a Logia-type fruit; it’s an elemental fruit with a distinct set of abilities that focus on ice-based attacks and crowd control, setting it apart from traditional Logia types.

How to Get the Blizzard Fruit in Blox Fruits

First, you need to acquire the fruit. Blizzard is a legendary elemental fruit that can be purchased from the Blox Fruit dealer in exchange for $2,400,000 or 2,250 Robux. Keep in mind that the Blizzard Fruit was introduced in update 17.3.5, also known as the Christmas Update.

Has numerous stuns, making it an outstanding choice for defeating bosses and in PvP. The Blizzard Domain [V] only pulls enemies in at the beginning.
Is excellent for raids due to the wide range of effect of the V move and the ability to use it repeatedly. It’s possible to escape the Blizzard Domain [V].
Has great combo potential. The White Out [X] move can be easily evaded.
All moves can damage sea beasts, making it perfect for hunting these creatures. The White Out [X] move is difficult to use in aerial combat.
The Howling Wind [C] move breaks Instinct. The White Out [X] move is challenging to employ against Sea Beasts.
The Tornado Flight [F] move is effective against bosses or NPCs lacking aerial or long-range moves.
All moves have a wide range of effect, especially the V move (capable of covering the entire combat area).
The Blizzard Domain [V] stuns anyone hit by the explosion. It’s similar to the dark version, with the difference that using this move doesn’t immobilize the user, and its range is much greater.
Short cooldown times.
Is effective against crews due to the wide range of effect of the V move.
Tornado Flight [F] can be maintained infinitely, just like Smoke.
Is an excellent alternative to hunting sea beasts compared to the Magma v2 option.

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies of the Blizzard Fruit

That said, the Blizzard Fruit not only provides defense but also offers a set of attacks that, if used correctly, can be devastating to your opponents. Make sure to hold the Z button to maximize damage. On the other hand, the X move is best used just before the C move for optimal damage. You can also use the V move in a combo, followed by the C move or any other stunning move to keep the opponent within the blizzard.
The F move is a double-edged sword. Although it’s useful for easily grouping NPCs, its knockback can be bothersome during grinding. To avoid this, fly away from the NPCs. Additionally, the V ability is extremely potent in tight spaces, making it ideal for PvP in locations like the Awakened Ice Admiral Castle, Castle on the Sea, Magma Admiral Castle, and the Dark Arena.

Blizzard Fruit Blox Fruits Awakening

Currently, the Blizzard Fruit does not have an awakening in Blox Fruits. However, its existing powers already provide substantial advantages in battles, making it a formidable fruit without the need for awakening.

Blizzard Fruit Blox Fruits Price

The Blizzard Fruit commands a high price due to its legendary status and powerful abilities. It’s a significant but worthwhile investment for players aiming to enhance their performance in the game. Money $1,800,000 Robux 2,250

Is Blizzard Good For Grinding Blox Fruits

Yes, the Blizzard Fruit is excellent for grinding in Blox Fruits. Its wide-range attacks and stuns allow players to efficiently take down enemies, making it an efficient choice for leveling up and farming resources.

Is Blizzard Better Than Light Blox Fruits

The debate between Blizzard and Light fruits is subjective. Blizzard offers more control with stuns and defensive moves, while Light is favored for its speed and high-damage attacks. The better choice is dependent on player preference and strategy.

Guide on the Blizzard Fruit in Blox Fruits

Our comprehensive guide on the Blizzard Fruit dives into the best strategies to utilize its powers. With detailed analysis and tips, players can learn to master this fruit to dominate in both PvP and PvE modes within the Blox Fruits universe.

The Blizzard Fruit is the second most expensive elemental fruit, after Dough, and also the second one that cannot be awakened, alongside Smoke. However, its high cost is a valuable investment as this fruit is useful for PvP and capable of dealing damage to sea beasts.
In summary, the Blizzard Fruit in Blox Fruits is a treasure for those seeking to excel in the game. With its impenetrable defense, powerful attacks, and unique abilities, it can take you to new heights in your gaming journey. So what are you waiting for? Take the leap and dominate the world of Blox Fruits with the Blizzard Fruit!