Flame Fruit in Blox Fruits


In the exciting world of Blox Fruits, where magic, combat, and strategy merge, there is a Blox fruit of elemental type that stands out: the Flame fruit. Introduced in Update 1, Flame has been gaining popularity among players due to its versatility and effectiveness for both beginners and experienced players.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Flame Uncommon Elemental $250,000 550

What does Flame Fruit do in Blox Fruits? Abilities & Combo

The Flame fruit is accessible and affordable for most players, costing only $250,000 in-game or 550 Robux at the Blox fruit dealer. Despite its low cost, it offers a significant impact, making its value immense. Flame users often find it to be a fruit that provides great benefits from the beginning to the end of the game. Its potential in Player vs. Player (PvP) gameplay is particularly notable.

Name Key


Description Mastery
Fire Bullets
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The character shoots multiple projectiles with moderate damage that can hit multiple targets in the direction the user is aiming, dealing significant damage when aimed accurately. This attack has a cooldown of 8 seconds before it can be used again. 1
Burning Blast
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The character throws a fiery projectile shaped like a fist from their hand towards the cursor’s direction, causing damage and exploding upon hitting enemies. This attack has a cooldown of 20 seconds before it can be used again. 25
Fire Column
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The character slams the ground with force, unleashing a wave of fire that spreads around the user and upwards, lifting anyone caught in the column of fire. This impact causes area-of-effect damage in the form of a fire column and can hit multiple targets. The cooldown before this move can be used again is 15 seconds. 50
Flame Destroyer
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The character generates a large fireball and throws it, which explodes upon hitting a surface or reaching its maximum distance. This explosion inflicts a significant amount of damage to anyone within its range. 100
Flame Flight
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Transform your legs into flames and subsequently rise into the air at a reduced speed. 10

Flame Fruit V2 Awakening

Key (V2)



Mastery (V2)
Blue Fire Bullets
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The character shoots 5 to 6 explosive blue sparks that detonate upon contact. They deal significant damage if all bullets hit accurately. 1
Prominence Explosion
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The character emits an incredibly fast fire beam from their hands, following the direction of their cursor. This beam explodes upon contact with a surface, causing damage and knocking down nearby enemies. It also leaves a fire effect in its path, damaging enemies entering that area for 5 seconds. This attack breaks enemy Instinct. 40
Fiery Vortex
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The character propels themselves and nearby enemies into the air with a burst of flames. This move causes damage and leaves a trail of fire that damages enemies entering its area (if the move is performed from the ground). The fire effect lasts for 5 seconds. Additionally, this attack breaks enemy Instinct. 80
Hell’s Core
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The character generates a colossal fire orb and throws it, which explodes upon hitting a surface or reaching its maximum distance. This explosion causes a significant amount of damage to anyone within its range. Additionally, it leaves a fire effect that damages enemies entering its area for 5 seconds. This attack also has the power to break enemy Instinct. 110
Rocket Flight
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The character propels themselves forward with force and then glides in the air at a moderate speed. 10

Flame Fruit Showcase

Throughout your journey in Blox Fruits, the Flame fruit presents itself as a valuable addition to your skill set. Its strength in long-range attacks and short cooldowns allows players to adopt aggressive and fast tactics on the battlefield. This balance of agility and power makes it a strategic choice for mastering both individual and multiplayer combat challenges.

How to Get the Flame Fruit in Blox Fruits?

In terms of availability, players can rest assured knowing that Flame is more likely to be in stock than its counterpart, Smoke. This abundance makes Flame an ideal choice for beginners looking to start their adventure with a powerful and easily obtainable fruit.

Is the Flame good in Blox Fruits?

Incredible in terms of short and medium to long-range reach. Most moves have strong knockback, so it’s not ideal for grinding. When using X, it’s recommended to try hitting the NPC from a long distance so that it returns to its spawn point without needing to chase it.
Ideal for defeating bosses due to its high knockback and ability to cause burn damage. The flight move has a long cooldown.
Exceptional in terms of value for money, with a very affordable cost of only 250,000 MoneyIcon, which is accessible to First Sea players. The Z move is difficult to hit in combat as it only deals significant damage if all bullets hit, and the bullets travel quite slowly.
An excellent option to replace light weapons in the grinding aspect. Make things easier for yourself by using a stunning move and then dealing damage with Z.
Possesses very effective hitboxes, especially in the Flame Destroyer. Although this ability can be used repeatedly, once you face opponents with decent abilities, it won’t be a viable option. To avoid this, avoid using the C move and try to lure them in a specific direction using the Z move, then attack them with the X move when they’re trapped.
Offers sufficient knockback, which is useful in PvP combat, although not excessive, allowing it to be used for grinding in other contexts as well. Moves can be easily dodged with Flash Step.
It’s fun to use thanks to its effects and mechanics designed for PvP. The C move doesn’t have significant range.
In general, it is easy to use and get used to.
It awakens easily, and raids with the Flame fruit are quite straightforward.
Allows for intensive use of abilities.
No high level of mastery is required to perform effective moves that deal significant damage and knockback.
Works well with any strategy, skill set, and combinations.
Has low initial and final delay, allowing you to execute moves quickly, which is beneficial in PvP combat.
Each move has an area of effect (AOE).
It’s an excellent option for facing sea creatures, as over half of its moves are ranged and cause considerable damage.
The Z move is extraordinary for grinding as it has a very short cooldown, deals very high damage, has no knockback, and can hit multiple targets.
Basically, the strategy consists of repeatedly using the Z move to quickly eliminate opponents.

How good is the Flame Fruit in Blox Fruits?

Pros V2
Cons V2
Each attack move deals over 4k damage, making it one of the most powerful fruits when awakened. Requires aiming skill when fighting over water.
Has a fast flight move. The V move can be predictable as the enemy can escape using Flash Step.
Is exceptional in PvP.
Is really effective at short and medium to long-range.
All offensive moves of Fuego V2 break Instinct and have an area effect.
The X move can be used as an area attack both at close and long range, making it one of the best abilities for any situation, regardless of the distance between the user and their opponent.
The V move has an almost 5 times larger hitbox compared to its non-awakened form and is one of the most devastating “one-hit” moves in the game.
Causes very high burn damage.
The flight move starts with a boost that can be used to move quickly by simply pressing the F key, making it a highly effective mobility move in PvP combat.
The V move has much higher damage, faster execution speed, and superior range compared to Dark and Rumble’s V moves.

How to Awaken Flame in Blox Fruits? Awakening Cost

Furthermore, Flame has the option to awaken. With a total of 14,500 Fragments, you can unlock the full potential of this fruit, taking your gameplay to new heights. Among the first fruits to receive an awakening are Flame, Ice, and Earthquake, giving an additional advantage to Flame users.

Can you fly with flame blox fruits?

The Flame Fruit bestows upon players the ability to soar across the Blox Fruits universe with its fiery wings. This ability not only provides a strategic advantage in combat but also enhances mobility for exploration and travel within the game.

What is better flame or dark?

In the Flame versus Dark debate within Blox Fruits, players often consider the offensive power and versatility of Flame against the stealth and absorption abilities of Dark. Both fruits have their merits, and the better choice depends on a player’s combat style and strategic preferences.

What is the best flame combo in Blox fruits?

To dominate battles with the Flame Fruit, mastering the best combos is key. A potent combination of the Flame Pillar and Flame Flight abilities can wreak havoc on enemies while keeping you agile and difficult to target. Experimentation and practice will reveal the most effective sequence for your playstyle.

What is better Flame or Light?

Choosing between Flame and Light fruits requires a consideration of Light’s unrivaled speed against Flame’s area control and damage-over-time effects. The decision rests on whether you prefer quick, precise strikes or a more area-of-effect based combat approach.

The Flame fruit is also known for being a viable alternative to the Light fruit. In fact, it has gained a reputation for being one of the best fruits for grinding in the First Sea, making it an excellent strategic option for players looking to maximize their rewards.

What is better Flame or Magma?

When pitting Flame against Magma, it’s a clash of two elemental powers. Flame provides faster attacks and the capability to fly, whereas Magma offers slower but more powerful and larger area attacks. Your preference for agility or raw power will guide this choice.

Flame Fruit vs Ice Fruit

The contest between Flame and Ice is a classic matchup of fire against frost. While Flame offers consistent damage and the ability to fly, Ice brings crowd control with its freezing capabilities. The better option depends on whether you seek to overwhelm foes with fire or control the battlefield with ice.

Flame Fruit Guide

It’s important to mention that the awakened Z move of Flame has been redesigned twice, demonstrating the commitment of the Blox Fruits developers to keeping the game updated and balanced. This constant focus on improving and reassessing the abilities and potentials of fruits ensures a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

In conclusion, Flame in Blox Fruits is a solid, versatile, and affordable option for players looking to master the game. Whether you’re starting your adventure in Blox Fruits or looking to add a new fruit to your collection, Flame has a lot to offer. Are you ready to unleash the power of Flame in your next PvP showdown?